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Student Writing Contest


GCACWT members may submit the work of students enrolled in their 2010-2011 classes.  The deadline is March 5th, 2011.
Schools may use whatever internal procedure they like to determine entries. Each school is limited to nominating one student per award:
Here are the winners for THIS year's 2011 GCACWT STUDENT WRITING COMPETITION
Fiction Award--Undergraduate: Amanda Parker, FSU
Fiction Award--Graduate: Phillippe Diederich, USF
Poetry Award--Undergraduate: Whitney Egstad, USF
Poetry Award--Graduate: Jared White, USF
Creative Nonfiction Award--Undergraduate: Aubry Kyle, UNO
Creative Nonfiction Award--Graduate: Michael Colonna, UWF

Winners were announced at the GCACWT annual Conference in April 2011.  The winning writers received copies of the Apalachee Review, a $20.00 honorarium, and a framed certificate.
A NOTE ON THE JUDGING PROCESS: For the past two years, the student writing awards have been judged by committees of Apalachee Review editors. Three to four different editors were assigned as judges to each of the six categories. Each individual judge was asked to give a number rating from 1-5 for each manuscript submitted in his/her assigned category. Then the totals were calculated for each committee. The manuscript with the highest total score was awarded the prize for each of the six categories. Staff editors who acted as judges were:  Delores Bryant, Jane Terrell, Anne Meisenzahl, Agnes Furey, Ron Smith, Amanda McCormick, Jackie Juaristi, Margaret Howard Trammell, and Kristina DiPano.
As always, we used a "blind" judging process: none of the judges knew the names of the writers, the schools, the addresses, etc. Remember, Mary Jane Ryals and Michael Trammell teach business writing for the College of Business at Florida State University. They are NOT part of the English/Writing Department faculty at FSU. Also, the Apalachee Review is not connected to Florida State University; we receive all our funding solely through subscriptions, city/county arts grants, and fundraisers.
Entry Requirements:
Schools are limited to one entry per award.  
Students' names and school affiliations should not appear on manuscript (please make sure this info is not in header or footer, either), only on the cover sheet.

All submissions must be printed.
Prose entries are limited to 5,000 words and should be double-spaced.
Poetry entries should be limited to no more than three poems (all by one poet) per category.

Each entry must be accompanied by a cover sheet stating category, the student's name, address, phone, e-mail, and status as a graduate or undergraduate, and the submitting teacher's name, address, phone number, and e-mail.

Judges will be announced after the competition.  No judges will have direct links to students at GCACWT member institutions.
Manuscripts will not be returned.
All contest entries must be received by TBA.
They should be sent to: