Video: Sources of appropriation capacity. Technovation

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Video: Understanding licensing Behaviour. Industrial Corporate Change

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My primary research areas are Technology and Innovation Management, Business Strategy, Technology Licensing and Markets for Technology. In particular, I am interested in understanding the determinants and the consequences of a firm’s decision to license out its intellectual property to other companies. A recurrent theme that I have addressed is the relationship between the licensing-out strategy and firm performance (both before and after licensing out). I have also tried to shed light on the factors affecting the licensing trade-off (i.e., the balance between the benefits and costs associated with a licensing decision) and to explore in detail how the licensor’s bargaining power affects the returns from licensing. Given my specialization in the strategies behind the establishment of licensing agreements, I also wrote a paper reviewing the topic.




  • Cabaleiro, G. and Moreira, S. Licensing as a way to Attain Analysts Forecasts.
  • Cabaleiro, G. and Lago, R. The Impact of Automatization on Patents and in the Labour Market.
  • Cabaleiro, G. and Vera, C. The Impact of Educational Technologies in Higher Education.
  • Ali, A. & Cabaleiro, G. Colocation and Geographic Proximity in Markets for Technology

video: Sources of appropriation capacity. Technovation

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Video: Understanding licensing Behaviour. Industrial Corporate Change

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Cabaleiro and Vera, 2018.pdf

The impact of educational technologies in higher education

Cabaleiro and Vera, working paper


The State of Markets for Technology in Chile

Cabaleiro and Salce, 2018