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If you want to know more about me:
Hi! Welcome to my website! 

I am an Assistant Professor at Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Faculty of Business and Economics, in Santiago de Chile.

In may 2014, I got my PhD at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Cum Laude) under the supervision of Andrea Fosfuri, professor in Bocconi University (Italy).

My primary research areas are Technology and Innovation Management and Business Strategy. In particular, I am interested in understanding the determinants and the consequences a firm’s decision to license out its intellectual property to other companies. In my dissertation, a recurrent theme has been the relationship between the licensing-out strategy and firm performance (both before and after licensing-out). In addition, I have also tried to shed light on the factors affecting the licensing trade-off (i.e. the balance between benefits and costs associated with a licensing decision) and to explore in detail how the licensor’s bargaining power affects the returns from licensing.

My thesis: “Firm Strategies Behind the Establishment of Licensing Agreements” comprises three papers (available to download in Research):
  1. Understanding Licensing Behaviour: A Rent Dissipation Lens applied to the Not Invented Here Syndrome, Product Market Competition and Sunk Costs. (Co-authored with Solon Moreira, Copenhagen Business School). Situation: Second R&R in Reseach Policy.
  2. Licensing Out as a Form of Myopic Management.
  3. Bargaining Power and Information Asymmetries in Technology Licensing: Analysis of the Value Captured.
During my dissertation, I had the pleasure to be hosted as a visiting researcher in Boston University, School of Management (United States, june 2012-december 2012) and in Bocconi University (Italy, april 2013- december 2013).

In the last few years, on top of the work put forward to complete my dissertation, I have been involved in two additional projects aimed at gathering new data. At the moment, Christian Helmers (Santa Clara University) and I have assembled one of the most exhaustive licensing databases available to researchers. It allows comparison between US and European firms during a long time period and across many sectors. The second project, jointly with Ana Luiza Araújo de Burcharth (Fundaçao Dom Cabral, Brazil), is meant to provide much needed evidence on the short and long term economic consequences of inward licensing.

In terms of teaching, at the moment, I am a professor of Marketing I in the pre-grade (in common pre-grade and in the professional one) and Strategic Marketing in the MBA, Also, I am teaching a Workshop of Effective Presentations in the MBA and Workshop of How to Be Successful in the Labour Market in the pre-grade. I have also been a teaching assistant for various classes at Carlos III University of Madrid from 2008 to 2014. In particular, I have taught sessions for Operations ManagementOrganizational BehaviorIntroduction to MarketingFinancial Management and Management of Touristic Events at the undergraduate level.