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BOOTICE Portable : BOOTICE in PortableApps format.


BOOTICE Portable is BOOTICE in PortableApps format. BOOTICE Portable will run the 32-bit or 64-bit version of BOOTICE depending on the operating system.

BOOTICE is a powerful boot-related utility. It's desired to manipulate (install, backup, restore) the MBR and PBR of disks (or disk images), to partition and format disks, to edit disk sectors in hexadecimal, to erase all the data on your disk or logical drive (by filling with customizable characters), to edit Grub4DOS boot menu, and to edit BCD file of Windows NT 6.x.

What makes an application "stealth"?
For the purpose for this website, "stealth" means when an application is launched, used and terminated properly, it does not leave behind any entries in the registry or filesystem. Certain exceptions are permitted. For example, registry entries that are created/updated by Windows for the application (eg. MRU entries for dialog boxes, DirectX entries for DirectX-based apps), or temp files created in the official "Temp" folders are not taken into consideration. Note: "Stealth" does not mean non-traceability! In fact, it is quite unlikely you can hide your activities on a Windows machine from a capable system administrator.

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