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BOOTICE Portable : BOOTICE in PortableApps format.

v1.1.5   :   Download

Note   :   BOOTICE v1.2.0 onwards is natively portable (it does not use the registry). So a PortableApps version is not really needed. However if you still need it, use the v1.2Plus installer listed below. One 'advantage' of using this installer is that it will run the 32-bit or 64-bit version of BOOTICE depending on the operating system.

This installer has BOOTICE v1.2.0.1 . When newer versions of BOOTICE are released just copy BOOTICEx86.exe to the BOOTICEPortable\App\BOOTICE32 folder and copy BOOTICEx64.exe to the BOOTICEPortable\App\BOOTICE64 folder.

Latest versions of BOOTICE are available here : Link

v1.2Plus   :   Download

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