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This redesign addresses the bowsprit issue as well as the missing displacement.
The bow length of Nimuë was set for the aft-most mast position to give J=1560mm (for a Norlin jib) with a very short bowsprit to allow the whole rig to be moved forward ... by sliding the bowsprit out as necessary.  The redesigned bow must be long enough to accomodate a Norlin jib with the mast as far forward as might be needed (using a hard stop behind the mast to comply with maximum J rules) and the forestay attached to the foredeck.
Linesplan for GBR99 as originally built
Linesplan for Cook MkIV 
The two linesplans, above, show the hull shape for Nimuë as built and for the full redesigned hull which, I guess, is a Cook MkIV.  The linesplan for Nimuë does not show the effect of final sloping transom on the sheerline. The LWL=2900mm for Nimuë is edged up to LWL=2961mm for the MkIV, but the principal difference that brings the displacement up to 295kg (9kg above minimum for LWL) is the fatter underwater shape of the hull.  Nimuë's bustle has a much finer shape than previous designs.  The hull shape of the MkIV is much more conventional and the LWL has been lengthened to give more hull speed without too much loss of sail area.