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Main controls

Control panel with main controls
The main controls on the removable control panel are:
  1. Centre Spinlock cleat: Mainsheet.
  2. Inside pair of cleats: Mainsheet traveller.  The pair of turning blocks are mounted at 30° to the panel to lift the lines to another pair of blocks mounted under the deck.  These turn the lines aft, either side of the cockpit to the traveller rail on the rear deck.
  3. Middle pair of cleats: Jib sheets.  The jib sheets turn through their blocks to through-deck blocks either side of the cockpit, then forwards through the barberhaulers, inside the mainshroud ramps.
  4. Outer pair of cleats: Barberhaulers. The control lines go straight to bulls-eye fairleads in the foredeck.  If the angle is too shallow, I may put another pair of blocks on the forward edge of the panel, or on a bracket under the deck.