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Backstay fittings

The cleat for the backstay was mounted on the port-side control panel bracket, so that the control panel can be removed leaving the backstay intact.  The backstay is 4:1, made up of an external 2:1 and an internal 2:1 cascade.
Backstay cleat and turning block
The line from the internal 2:1 block exits the transom via a block, goes around a block on the backstay, then is anchored to a fitting at the aft end of the transom to form the external 2:1.  The photo below shows that the transom block is angled so that the line goes to the port side.  The wooden "blister" on the left is a cover for the block, which will be installed later.
Backstay control lines for external 2:1 and the cover for the transom block.