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We are sorry the below service is no longer available, but feel free to visit the website and see all the other free available services. 


This is a service that reviews the work of aspiring creators or new comic strip work in general.  The review of a creators work would help the creator know whether he or she has people who like their work.  This kind of feed back would encourage aspiring creators or new creators to continue in what they are doing or to put aside this particular project.  A review would also help the creator know which gender and age group like their work.  Knowing this can help the creator to more accurately target his or her potential readers.


This is good news for comic strip fans because participating in the review can help determine what kind of strips you would like to see more of in the future.  This may be your chance to help out a creator you might find interesting and even enjoy reading in the future.  So please check it out and review the strips at Comic Strip Review!