The CONCEPT of Jujitsu Seluruh Indonesia (JUSINDO)

All-Indonesia Jujutsu (JUSINDO) was conceived as a Concept for allowing Jujutsu practitioners of different schools/styles/ organizations in Indonesia to develop friendships, brotherhood and cooperation, without sacrificing their uniqueness, traditions and independence.

(Above picture, from left to right: Mr. Nanto (Senior Jujutsuka from Jiujitsu Club Indonesia-JCI), Mr. Prayitno (President of JCI), Mr. Ben Haryo (Chief Instructor of Goshinbudo Jujutsu Indonesia-GBI and of Dentokan Indonesia) and Shihan C.A. Taman (Founder of WADOKAI Indonesia and GBI)

The concepts of JUSINDO was conceived by Mr. Raden Irawan, Mr. Ben Haryo, Mr. Prayitno and Shihan C.A. Taman in the early 2000s. Before that, there were no cooperation and brotherhood between Jujutsu practitioners of different schools/styles/organizations in Indonesia. Each organizations claims that theirs are the best, and others are inferior competitors. This attitude certainly does not fit the official State Ideology (PANCASILA), of which the third principle is "Unity of Indonesia".

Therefore, the conceptors of JUSINDO decided that something must be done, and with the CONCEPT of JUSINDO, they hope that various Jujutsu schools/styles/organizations in Indonesia will have an entity to facilitate the development of friendship, cooperation, sporting achievements and brotherhood, while retaining their independence. JUSINDO does not wish to fuse all Jujutsu schools in Indonesia into just one school/style. we merely wish that all the various schools could work together in harmony.

Later on, people from other organizations such as the Jujitsu Brotherhood Indonesia (JJBI), Bali Jujitsu Club (BJC), Akademi Kobujutsu Indonesia (AKI), Kopo Jujitsu Indonesia (KJI) and many others also acknowledge the JUSINDO concept, and the leaders are actively discussing the next step forward for the concept.

The first step of towards achieving the goals of JUSINDO has been achieved by the formation of Pengurus Besar Jujitsu Seluruh Indonesia (PB-JSI) in 2014, as the National Governing Body for Sport Jujitsu in Indonesia, representing the Jujitsu Asian Union (JJAU) in Indonesia. The acronym JUSINDO is not used in this new organization. However, the conceptors of JUSINDO gave their blessings and support for PB-JSI, including hosting the first JJAU seminar in Indonesia.

Then, in March 2015, the Indonesia Olympic Committee (KOI) acknowledges the PB-JSI as a representative of JJAU in Indonesia, and as a partner of the KOI in developing Sport Jujitsu in Indonesia. The Goshinbudo Jujitsu Indonesia (GBI) is amongst the Founding Organizations of PB-JSI, and thus from that moment onwards, the GBI and other Founding Organizations are connected to the JJAU and thus the Jujitsu International Federation (JJIF) through the PB-JSI.