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GYAKUTE-DO (, Reversal Hand Way) is the Jujutsu art of TANAKA CHUSHUDO our 1st SOUSHI, who passed away in 1993. Gyakute-Do is a result of Master Tanaka's study of Koryu Jujutsu, Aiki Jujutsu, Hakko-ryu and other martial arts.

The art of Gyakute-Do is a self-defense art, which features techniques of NUKI (escapes), NAGE (throwing), RENKO (arresting) and FUDO (controlling), as well as AIKI movements and DAKEN-HOU (striking and kicking).

The art of Gyakute-Do is now under our 2nd Soushi, KURABE SHISEIDO, a student of Tanaka Chushudo, who inherited and preserved the art for our generation. Mr. Kurabe also developed further the Jujutsu art of Mr. Tanaka, by adding his extensive research about Aiki, Jujutsu and other martial arts, thus updating the Gyakute-Do art into Aiki Jujutsu Gyakute-Do.

One of Mr. Kurabe's student, STEVEN VAES, used to visit Indonesia regularly for years to teach his martial arts, which includes Kukishin-ryu, Asayama Ichiden-ryu and Gyakute-Do. In December 2011, Kurabe Soushi finally gave permission to BEN HARYO sensei to spread the art of Gyakute-Do in Indonesia. Mr. Haryo is the first student in Indonesia to reach Yudansha level and to become an instructor in Gyakutedo.

Due to the unfortunate death of Steven Vaes sensei in 2012, the GBI Club is now under the guidance of Kurabe Soushi and STEVE VAN NIEUWENHUIZEN from the Netherlands. 

Please visit HERE for further info about the art of GYAKUTE-DO.

Below is a photo of Kurabe Soushi, and the calligraphy of "GYAKUTE-DO"

Below are the pictures from first visit (2013) by Steve Van Nieuwenhuizen sensei, to continue the teaching of Gyakute-Do to the GBI Club after the death of Steven Vaes sensei.

Below is the picture of Kurabe shihan teaching  Steve sensei in the Netherlands.

More pictures of Steve sensei's sessions HERE and HERE

Below is the picture of Kurabe Soushi teaching the late Steven Vaes Shihan Dai. Mr. Vaes was the first of Kurabe Soushi's students to visit Indonesia in the early 2000s, and he was visiting us regularly for years (he also has family in Indonesia) until his unfortunate passing away in 2012.

Below is the picture of Steven Vaes Shihan-Dai teaching Ben Haryo in Indonesia. This was his last visit to Indonesia.