Welcome to the Goshinbudo Jujutsu Indonesia Club (GBI CLUB), a martial art and culture club in Indonesia.
Founded in 1997 by Djoko Pudjiono and Ariefendra, it has grown from a humble beginning as a small self-defense club (called Yonryu Club at that time) for University Students, to a loose affiliation of several Dojos accross Indonesia.
We are under the guidance of our Master Instructor, Mr. C.A. Taman, and our Chief Instructor, Mr. Ben Haryo.
Mr. C.A. Taman is a student of (the late) Professor Hironori Otsuka and Mr. Sasaki Takashi.
Mr. Ben Haryo is a student of Mr. C.A. Taman, Prof. Harold Brosious (American Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu), Prof. George Kirby (Budoshin Ju-Jitsu), Mr. Roy Hobbs (former Hakko-ryu Shihan & Founder of Dentokan Aiki Jujutsu), Master Kurabe Makoto of Gyakutedo Jujutsu through his senior students: Mr. Steve van Nieuwenhuizen and (the late) Mr. Steven Vaes (who taught us various Budo forms including Gyakute-Do and Asayama Ichiden-ryu).

If this site is under construction, please refer to our temporary page, http://members.tripod.com/johnbenn until we are able to revamp this site.

Our NEWEST Dojo (2018): Sakola Dojo in Bintaro, Tangerang, Banten

Our NEW Dojo (2017): BeFit Dojo in East Jakarta

Above: our training group in Sunter North Jakarta (2016), under Mr. Imam Tohari.

Our Dojo in Biak, West Papua (opened in 2010, re-established in 2015), under Mr. Beni Rumangun.

Above and Below events are on our Cempaka Putih Dojo in Central Jakarta.

Below: Training with Sensei Steve van Nieuwenhuizen, Soushi-Dai of Gyakute-Do Jujutsu.

Below: Training with Mr. Roy Hobbs, Hanshi 10th Dan, founder of the Dentokan.

Below: L to R: Sensei Abraham Nugroho, Sensei Saleh Sungkar, Sensei Ben Haryo & Sensei Sally Crafter.

Below: Group Photo in  (former) YAI Dojo, 2007

With Sensei Andy Roosen, 2007

We are affiliated with Wado-ryu Karatedo Indonesia (WADOKAI) and Sekai Dentokan Renmei. Please visit http://wadokaiindonesia.org/ for Wado-ryu information, and http://www.dentokanhombu.com for Dentokan Aiki Jujutsu information. We are also affiliated with Kurabe shihan's Aiki Jujutsu Gyakute-Do organization, please visit www.gyakutedo.com for more info.

The GBI Club is one of the Founding Organization of Pengurus Besar Jujitsu Seluruh Indonesia / All-Indonesian Jujitsu Federation (PB-JSI). This means that we are connected to the Jujitsu Asian Union (JJAU) and Jujitsu International Federation (JJIF) through the PB-JSI*.

*PB-JSI is now under the process of merger with other organizations in Indonesia to become united under the National Sports Committee of Indonesia.

Any inquiries? Feel free to contact gbi_club@yahoo.com


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