About our training group

The GBI Club, for now, is a loose assocation of Jujutsu instructors and practitioners, mostly consists of the students of our Chief Instructor, Ben Haryo and his main teacher, Shihan C.A. Taman. We are registered as honorary member of the American Ju-Jitsu Association, and full member of the Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei and the WADOKAI of Indonesia.Our main activities are mostly related to Jujutsu training: regular training sessions in our respective Dojo, Jujutsu Demonstrations in public occassions, conducting seminars in our member Dojos.

Our Approach to Jujutsu

Our approach to Jujutsu training is rather different with other Clubs. Unlike most other Jujutsu, we have four different "ways of development", not just one.

The first way of development is what is called "Wado Jujutsu", which is a syllabus designed by our Master Instructor, C.A. Taman Shihan, who is also the Master Instructor of WADOKAI Indonesia, to teach supplementary Jujutsu techniques from the Wado system (derived from Yoshin-ryu Jujutsu) to people who already has been trained in Wado-ryu Karate. However, the ranking system of Wado Jujutsu is separated from the ranking system of Karate which has been established by WADOKAI of Indonesia.

The second way of development is called "Dentokan Aiki Jujutsu", which complies to the syllabus of Dentokan Aiki Jujutsu syllabus as designed by Mr. Roy Hobbs, the founder of Dentokan. We are recognized by the Sekai Dentokan Bugei Renmei Hombu Dojo as their official branch in Indonesia. Please visit the Dentokan Hombu to see the syllabus.

The third way of development is called "Basic Jujutsu" or "Goshinbudo Jujutsu", which is a collection of fundamental Jujutsu lessons which will be indispensable to learn the first and/or the second way as described above. Most of people whom are complete beginners in the world of Jujutsu is advised to take this way of development first, before delving deeper into other, more advanced lessons. The techniques taught in Basic Jujutsu is taken not only from Wado Jujutsu and Dentokan Aiki Jujutsu as described above, but also from other sources such as American Ketsugo Ju-Jitsu of Prof. Harold Brosious and Budoshin Ju-Jitsu of Prof. George Kirby.

The fourth way of development is connected to one of our teacher, (the late) Mr. Steven Vaes, who is experienced in various Budo forms including Gyakute-Do, Hakko-ryu, Kukishin-ryu and Asayama Ichiden-ryu. Mr. Vaes is a direct student of Kurabe Makoto shihan, and he is visiting Indonesia regularly to share with us his experiences in various Budo forms which he trained in. After the unfortunate death of Mr. Vaes in 2012, our training are under the guidance of Kurabe shihan and Mr. Steve van Nieuwenhuizen of the Netherlands.

In the beginning, the GBI Club had a written syllabus (AKA "1998 Syllabus") for teaching the Basic Jujutsu. After the spreading of the art around Indonesia in the mid 2000s, the 1998 Syllabus is gradually forfeited in favor of the discretion of each individual instructor. In short, each instructor is allowed to teach Basic Jujutsu as they see best. Our Chief Instructor published a List of Techniques in 2004, and instructed all the senior students to teach techniques according to the list, but without specific directions at which belt level each techniques should be taught. This is to allow the instructors to create their own basic syllabus according to local needs, before training in more specific systems such as Wado-ryu, Dentokan, Gyakute-Do etc.

International-level certification in advanced styles taught in the GBI Club, such as the Dentokan arts and Gyakute-Do came directly from the Master Teachers of the arts themselves. For those who could not afford International-level certification, The GBI Club does provide _National_ certification for Dentokan Aiki Jujutsu and Goshinbudo Jujutsu, which is valid in Indonesia only.

What to expect

When our founders founded GBI Club, from the beginning, the Club consists mostly of people who wish to learn Jujutsu as a physical, cultural and intellectual pursuit, instead of sporting and fighting. In another word, the main focus of GBI Club is not street-fighting, prize-fighting or sport competitions. Our present leaders agree that the major focus of GBI Club is a pursuit of cultural and physical education, in a friendly atmosphere.

The secondary focus of GBI Club is a study of self-defense, with the emphasis on avoiding conflict and escaping from dangerous situations. Therefore, our Club is ideal for those who look for a healthy activity to fill their leisure time, while at the same time learning self-defense and cultivating friendships with like-minded people.

On the contrary, people wishing to excel in sporting competitions, professional fighting and/or street-fighting are advised to look elsewhere for instructions, because our Club is too badly equipped to cater to their needs. In fact, our members usually took part in Judo competitions to sharpen their skills, and also in some other grappling competitions, as we are not yet ready to establish regular competitions. However, the Chief Instructor (Mr. Ben Haryo) is in good relationships with the Sport Jujitsu National Governing Body of Indonesia (Pengurus Besar Jujitsu Seluruh Indonesia - PB-JSI) and could recommend any interesting parties to train in Sports oriented Dojo.

People who wish to learn true self-defense (not an "art") is strongly recommended to find instructors who teach self-defense as a specialty. We recommend Self-Defense Indonesia ( http://selfdefenseindonesia.com/website/honors.html ) which provides professional self-defense instructions.

Where to join

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