LATEST SPURS&BUCKLES                         


                                                                      MADE FOR JARRID HENDERSON

Made for Benny Loughridge

Shearer  style reproduction spurs with mech. locking rowel
Made for   

Madison McConaughey

                                                                  Made for Madison M
Made for Brady Whitaker
Made for Jacob Fluitt
                                                                               Made for Harold Bishop

Made for Andy Anderson

                                                             MADE FOR STEVE WAUGH / MATCHING SET FOR WIFE



                                                                               MADE FOR DAX GASKILL



                                    Cantle plate

 Made for Brad Miller

                                                          MADE FOR  BRADY WHITAKER

                                                   MADE FOR PAT FRACHISEUR

                                                           TROPHY / RANGER    BUCKLE

                                                         MADE FOR EVERETTE HURLEY

                              Fully steel engraved trophy style buckle,  gun blued .

                                                   1-1/2 "  Dee loop conchos for Jeff B.

                                                                       Made for Woody Scheer

                                                                      Made for BUD PERRYMAN

                                                               J B  13-15


                                                         ROSARY Spurs made for Noel M.

                                                    Split bottom oxbows made for Madison M.


                                                                     Roping spurs for Joe N.

                                                                     Made for Eric Knight



                                              SPLIT BOTTOM OXBOW STIRRUPS  For Harold Bishop



Made for Grace DANFORD   Born 12-26-08   They startem  young in Texas

            Stainless Steel bottle openers made for Heath " TUBBY "Brossard



                                                                  DEE RING SNAFFLE For sale  400.00  Sold

                                                                    MADE FOR ALBERT W. 


                                            OFFSET D RING SHOW SNAFFLE  FULLY ENGRAVED


                                                         MADE FOR BOONE CAMPBELL






                                              Walt Rambo                        Glen Bianchi


Phil                               Glen




                                                               Made for Barbara Baker


                                                           Single mounted swans  Engraved off side




                                                            BIANCHI #2   MADE FOR JIMMY RALSTON


                                                             Matching Belt and Cinch buckles


                                                                   Sherry Bishop Bit