GBeCS Wish List
GBeCS is not funded the same as most public schools. There are many things that simply can not fit into an already underfunded budget. GBeCS families are asked to help, wherever possible, to fill the budget gaps to provide for our students. Listed below are things that the school can really use. If you can help out, or know of others that could help out, it would be greatly appreciated!
Ms LaFay's advisory needs basic sound equipment for their Untalented Hours fundraiser. If you know of anyone who has basic sound equipment that they could borrow please let Ms LaFay know a.s.a.p.!  Thanks!!
  • Headphones (not newer, ipod/earbuds types please). If you have any of those old-style headphones (with the black covered foam) that you would be willing to donate, please send them in to Mr. McKenney.
  •  Flip Video Cameras  These are used by various classes for multimedia projects, recording science experiments, etc...

  • Gift Certificates - These are used for all kinds of odds and ends that are needed throughout the year. The most helpful and versatile ones would be from places like
    • Barnes & Noble
    • Sam's Club
    • Staples
  • Tissues, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are constantly being used by all students! Donations of these items are always in need. Please send these items into the main office of GBeCS.

  • Thinking of upgrading your computers? GBeCS could find good homes for your usable, working laptop, or desktop, computers.
  • Used electronics and ink cartridges may be sent into Ms. Graham's class for recycling. The school gets money for these items.