GBBO - Domain Renewal

posted 1 Apr 2012, 16:44 by Stephen Hind

Lots of people appear to be having trouble renewing their GBBO (non-Yola) domain, so here's how you do it.


Once you receive the reminder email from with the subject of Domain Renewal Reminder - expiring on [Date] follow these instructions:

  1. Sign in to using the username and password sent to you in Second Registration E-mail - Thank you for your registration.  If you cannot find this email get a reminder at

  2. Once signed in use the Renew link.

  3. Choose the term or renewal (GBBO only give 2 years as an option) and use the Next button.

  4. Enter your Card Holder and Card details in the form and use the Pay Now button.

  5. Once your payment authorisation completes you will see the Order Summary.

That's it, you're done!

Screen Shots

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GBBO Domain Portfolio

GBBO Domain Portfolio

GBBO Renewal Terms

GBBO Renewal Terms

GBBO Card Holder & Card Detials

GBBO Card Holder and Card Details

GBBO Order Summary

GBBO Order Summary