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Learn to earn. Earn to burn or Earn to Churn your ENEMIES! 

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 All Photos and Point earnings are going to be posted in the Archive about you. You can get the archive from me when you want to, get forced out, or quit. 

No cheating.

No stealing photos.

Don't double games up cause it deletes previously used files.

Don't forge games.

Don't sell games cause it's ILLEGAL.

Transferring points IS allowed but minimum is 100 points each and fees is 10 points to send and receive. So i send you 100 points me and you both loose 10 points but you get 100 or 90 points after. 

To earn a lot of points I recommend you have a Gmail account. If you don't have one go to and sign up there. The most points come when you are CHALLENGED! So the chat needs Gmail.

No new rules.

No new News