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Your role is a GBA tester on a goal. You must test until you rust. Gaining points and giving them to Spoinks. You become master of _____?  Find the best to fit word for 100 SKILL PTS. 


This site is new so stay up to date with the info. E-Mail to request games to put on the site. To join just send an E-mail to me with a Name that you wish to be called. The site I'm making is based on the skills of you playing your favorite games. If your games not on the list just ASK. When the site has 10 games total you can start collecting your points. Points are earned ONLY when you play the games on the list here. IF you get caught cheating I will take away ALL of your points and put you on the WALL OF CHEATERS. You earn the points when you E-mail a picture of YOU playing the game on your computer. Thank You and please join!

To sign up there is two pages and the one that I have here is a bonus to all G-Mail users. I already typed MOST information.

To start this game you need to read the rules.  If you don't you would have the worst time playing this...

Questions? Then ask me.

 E-Mail me here.

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