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Oh man, a Links page. What is the world coming to? If I'm not careful next I'll add some of my holiday photos or pictures of cats.

Nintendo DS Chaos This is where my port of Chaos for the Nintendo DS lives, as well as Bunjalloo, a web browser for the DS.

Elite DS I ported Elite AGB to the Nintendo DS too.

GBA Dev The hub of the homebrew GBA development scene.

Retro Remakes. The center of the retro remake community.

Icemark.com PC version of The Lords of Midnight plus more information on the game than anyone could ever need.

Ian Bell's Elite homepage. One of the authors of Elite. Currently (May 2005) has all the original versions of Elite for 8 and 16-bit home computers available for free (as in gratis). Get them now though, as this giveaway looks to be under threat by the other Elite copyright holders.

Gooey Blob. Yahoo mailing list dedicated to the ZX Spectrum classic Chaos: The Battle of Wizards (by Julian Gollop).

http://www.castlemaster.1hwy.com/ Castle Master stuff - original versions available for download, screenshots, etc

Visual Boy Advance The best free (as in GPL'd) GBA emulator. Versions from 1.7.1 are not stable, especially for debugging, so grab version 1.7 if possible.

The Stairway to Hell Home of a monster collection of excellent old BBC and Electron games. Nearly everything ever released (plus some games that weren't) is in their download section.

Angus Duggan's Elite A site. The original BBC version and details.

Well, those are the ones that are actually interesting. Possibly. I really just wanted to link back to Ian Bell's site, because he links here* :-)

* The link is actually to my old website - quirky.remakes.org - which died a very long time ago.