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Dev Diary

Sunday 20 April 2003

Added a new version with some final bug fixes and new additions.

  • Troll spell added
  • Option screen added. Can change round limit and switch off the "old bugs".
  • CPU Turmoil casting routine
  • A few non critical AI bug fixes
  • Cosmetic changes and other non-AI, non-critical fixes

See the readme.txt in the download for full details on the bug fixes.

Tuesday 15 April 2003

Just about finished!

Everything is done and tested. I haven't got all the options I'd like in, but I think this is good enough to release as it is. All the spells are in there, the CPU levels, the various old tricks, jazzed up colours and, of course, a control system that is actually usable on the GBA. The sound effects are also bit better than the first Chaos remake I did. I am especially pleased with the Gooey Blob effect. Very squelchy.

Thursday, 20 March 2003

The new version continues. I've added creature spell casting, the way the rounds interlink and disassembled a big chunk of the original game. I've written a Gooey Blob simulator in java, (which can no longer be found - Ed)

It's a silly little test to make sure the basics are right, but I think it shows that reverse engineering Chaos should produce a game that is very close to the speccy classic.

Wednesday, 12 March 2003

It's been over a year since I started the first version of my Chaos remake and I think it is well about time to go back and have another look at the game. For those of you have downloaded it (a few hundred over the last year, cool!) you will probably have noticed that there are a few serious bugs. The worst of these are the freezes caused by the rubbish computer players trying to do stupid things.

I'll upload the source code for this "original" remake at some point, but it really is a mess. With this in mind, I've started a new version. Already I have a fair amount of it done and it is coming along pretty well. Done so far is the design (something the first one seriously lacked), the player creation and spell menus, inclusion of the original font and a better graphics storage technique to reduce the file size drastically. No new screenshots yet though, because it looks pretty similar to the first version.

I've also been swatting up my Z80 assembly and have a fair chunk of the original speccy chaos already dissasembled :) This means that the new version should be even closer to the original. I know how the lightning damage is calculated now, next up: subversion!....