gameboy advance emulators

Less known Gameboy Advance Emulators

AGD - AGD is a Windows based emulator requiring DirectX and the GBA BIOS. It features a powerful debugger and good emulation. The current release is a beta version and is free but future releases may be shareware.

BoycottAdvance - BoycottAdvance is a Win9x based emulator. It's compatibility is very good with demo and commercial ROM's. The author Gollum asks to send a postcard from your country as registration for this emulator, details can be found on the homepage. Translated versions for Vietnamese, Brazilian, Finnish, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Norwegian, Spanish, French users and many more are available from the homepage.Ports for Linux/BeOS/FreeBSD/Solaris/Win32 DX are available  and a MAC

DreamGBA - DreamGBA is a Win9x based emulator. Included is a configuration/frontend tool for the emulator. NOTE: To run DreamGBA you will need the BIOS, we do not have any BIOS files for any emulators, you will have to find them yourselves.

GBAEmu - GBAEmu was the first Gameboy Advance emulator to be released and is now discontinued. Compatiblity is low and the emulator is slow, only worth a download for the debugging functions.

Girlfriend Advance - Girlfriend Advance is a Java based cross platform emulator, this means that an operating system that has Java should be able to run the emulator. The emulator is still in the early stages but runs some demos.

EloGba - EloGba is a Win9x based emulator. Compatibility is low as the author admits that the emulator is far from being perfect, ARM and Thumb code emulation needs to be improved.

foolsGBA - foolsGBA is a SDL based dynamic recompiling emulator (works on Windows). Its compatibility is average at the moment with homegrown games but with time this can turn out to be a useful emulator as it has a disassembler.

iGBA - iGBA is a Win9x based emulator. Compatibility is very good with demo ROM's and it at least partially runs several commercial ROM's. iGBA is now unfortunately discontinued.

Mappy Virtual Machine - Mappy Virtual Machine is a Win9x based emulator and debugger. It has fairly good speed and excellent debugging features. If you are a GBA developer this is a must have tool!

PC Advance - PCAdvance only works on Win95/98 not on Win2k/NT. Speed is very good and compatibility is average, some graphics are messed up though. Features a debugger. Now seems to be discontinued 


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