What is the Flash Advance?

The Flash Advance is a hardware kit which allows you to play backups of your Gameboy Advance games that is GBA ROMs  or homegrown games (PD roms). It compromises of two main hardware components and one piece of software; a Flash Advance Linker, a Flash Advance Cartridge and the Flash Advance Writer software.

Flash Advance Cartridge
The Flash Advance Cartridge is what your games are stored on, it is similar to a normal GBA cartridge but it has other functions such has being able to write more than once to the cartridge, erase/rewrite games and can store more than one game on it at the same time.

The Flash Advance cartridge currently comes in three sizes; 64M, 128M and 256M. The larger the cartridge the more games you can store on it at the same time. These are not PC filesizes, please read here for further information.

Flash Advance Linker
The Linker is a device that transfers data between your PC and Flash Advance cartridge. It connects to your PC's Parallel port by a DB25 cable and uses the Flash Advance Writer software to transfer information between your PC and cartridge. The Linker is powered by power adapter (recommended) or 6xAA batteries.

Flash Advance Writer
The Flash Advance Writer software allows you to write/backup games to/from your Flash Advance cartridge. It can also write/backup your game saves.

What do I need?

In addition to the Flash Advance kit (Linker, cartridge and writer) you will need the following:

- A PC running either Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2K or WinXP
- A DB25 parallel cable to connect the Linker to your PC
- Either 6xAA batteries OR a 9v 300ma center negative power adapter. A power adapter is recommended because the batteries do not last very long!