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PocketNES - Pocket NES is a NES emulator based on the LoopyNES source code. This is a great emulator which supports multibooting of games, a highly recommended download!!

PocketSMS - Pocket SMS is a Sega Master System emulator for the GBA. The emulator is in the early stages but its does run games although not at full speed. The emulator now supports to ability to add one ROM to the binary through a 'injector' program. Watch out for this emulator, every release gets better and better!

PCEAdvance - PCE Advance is a PC Engine emulator for the Gameboy Advance. It is still in the early stages of development but is already very impressive as technically its difficult for a PC Engine to be emulated on the GBA.

Chip8 Emu - Chip8 Emu for GBA is as the name suggests a Chip8 emulator. It is in the early stages but works fairly well. It also has a basic keyboard to show the buttons being pressed. To attach a ROM to the emulator: Unix: cat chip8.gba chipgame > chipgame.gba Dos: copy /b chip8.gba+chipgame chipgame.gba

DrSMS - DrSMS is a Sega Master System emulator for the Gameboy Advance. It can run games at near full speed with sound and compatibility is good. Definately worth checking out as its the only still active SMS emulator for GBA now.

FamicomAdvance - Famicom Advance is a NES emulator for the Gameboy Advance. The emulator is in Japanese and has good compatibility and sound. An Japanese to English language IPS patch for version 0.2 only as well as a frontend for the emulator (all versions) which allows you to add the games to the emulator can be found
Foon - Foon is a Spectrum emulator for the GBA. Speed is good and it has a great menu system to configure the emulator.

and other emulators that you can play on GB Advance

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