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GBA emu / Gameboy Advance Emulator is a little program that works on your computer and makes playing Gameboy Games (GBA ROMs) possible. Most of the time EMULATORS are made by fans to be able to program their own games for the console or to preview games before playing them on the console. Emulators are also made by Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft etc. for their licensed game developers. These super compatible hardware emulators are most of the time not publicly available unless leaked by a developer in breach of contract.

VisualBoyAdvance - VisualBoy Advance / VBA Link is a Win9x based emulator. Compatibility is excellent and now has support for Gameboy Mono/Color games making it the current best GBA emulator. Versions exist for Windows, SDL, Linux, BeOS and Mac OS X as well has language support for many countries. A highly recommended download!

BoycottAdvance - is a Win9x based emulator which plans to port to other platforms. It's compatibility is very good with demos but commercial ROM's are partially working at best. Here is more information about the emulators functions and status:

Playboy Advance - PlayboyAdvance is a MAC based emulator. Compatibility is very good and runs most demo and commercial ROM's. The emulator now seems to be discontinued Sven sent us some further information on the next release: Compatibility is very good and runs 21 out of the 24 games currently available. The speed is very fast on a G4 400mhz Mac and runs games at 60FPS! Although other emulators say they can run 23 games many only work upto the title screen and then crash, PlayBoy Advance runs many in a playable state, i.e. there may be some GFX errors but the game is playable.

RascalBoy Advance - Rascalboy Advance is the latest new GBA emulator. Its first release was a very good release with good compatibility and features. One to keep an eye on!

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