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     Where to begin has always been a question in my mind? Should I start from the end of my second marriage or perhaps from my birth forward? I am inclined to start where I am and work backwards but where I am now isn’t my end so I’m going back to the very beginning.

     I was born on June 17, 1968 at 7:02am. My arrival was very desired by my parents. My mother had suffered through three miscarriages to get me here. My father was expecting his 14th child to come into this world. She was 26, he was 42. Their relationship was volatile, abusive and thoroughly dysfunctional from the very beginning.

     Paulina Parker was Kevin Parker’s second wife. She was in the midst of her first marriage to, which she would refer to many years later, as the greatest love of her life. Paulina was a product of a dysfunctional family.

     Her mother, Vivienne, was cold, reserved and looked upon Paulina as a burden. Paulina’s father was killed and Vivienne took up with her second husband. Some of which must have blinded her to her second husband’s true nature.

     Paulina clearly looked upon life with Kevin to be better than being sexually abused at 15 by her stepfather and uncle in the same year. Her mother, Vivienne, had taken to separate bedrooms almost from the minute she remarried. Paulina told me once that Vivienne only had love in her heart for her first husband and she couldn’t love anyone once he was gone. Paulina also reminded Vivienne that the man she loved was gone.

     Paulina recounted to me being beaten for burning dinner, not cleaning the house well enough and being late coming home from school including the day her uncle molested her. Vivienne was a harsh taskmaster who demanded perfection and turned a blind eye to the actions of her husband and brother.

     So under the circumstances, she had married her first husband Eddie to get away only to find another abusive relationship. Eddie beat Paulina, cheated on her and gave her a sexually transmitted disease that left her with scars on her fallopian tubes due to her being untreated. After several years of marriage, she met Kevin.

     In what can be described as a burning desire to get away, she left her young son Eddie Jr. with his father. She left all she had known in her life, endured a messy divorce, ostracism by her family and friends to be with Kevin.

     She started her new life by completing nursing school with Kevin’s help and upon graduating as a Licensed Practicing Nurse, found herself pregnant. Her husband is thrilled but Paulina is struggling with the guilt of leaving her first child. She loses the first child, then a second and finally a third.

     She gets pregnant again against doctor’s orders for a fourth time. Kevin was never a very religious man to this point but this time as she started to miscarry again, Kevin makes a deal with God. He finds a Latin Bible and opens it to Acts and takes my name, Gazelle, from the passage he reads. His prayer was answered in my birth.

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What a READ!!! I loved it. What a strong woman she is in the book! The book at times made me sad, mad and roar with laughter all at the same time. When reading this book, HAVE some tissues handy and be ready to laugh your butt off too. What a beautiful ending indeed! Great job Gazelle!

Barb Ireland~ Founder OF MADC