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Murder at the Library 2014

Murder at the Library
Row 1: Zoe Anszperger, Rachel Thornton
Row 2: Claire Lukaczyn, Morgan LaPlante, Cynthia Small, Tatum Lynch, Sophia Shagoury
Row 3: Amy Klesert, Shelby Speer, Cam Small, Finkelstein, Barbara Schapiro
Back Row:
Gary Slickman,Michael Dornish, Steve Small, John Lestina, Kristina Bradley, Ashley Harmon

On March 29, the Gazebo Players hosted their third annual Murder Mystery Night at the Medfield Public Library.  Guests were told they were attending the memorial service of Elsa (of "Frozen" fame) and were charged with solving the mystery of her disappearance.  It turns out that Elsa was alive and well on the beach, and the memorial service was to discover who among the suspects would benefit the most from her inheritance!

We had our best guest turnout so far this year.  The winner went home with a huge gift basket, containing gifts related to both "Frozen" and "The Winter's Tale".  Proceeds from this event will go towards our summer Shakespeare in the Park production, as well as the Medfield Public Library.

“Murder at the Library” Cast

 Role                                                                 Actor

Nancy Drew                                                    Kristina Bradley

Abraham Lincoln                                             Michael Dornish

Annie Oakley                                                  Debbi Finkelstein

TARDIS (Dr. Who)                                          Ashley Harmon

Arwen Undómiel (Lord of the Rings)              Claire Lukaczyn

Mary Poppins                                                  Barbara Schapiro

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)                     Sophia Shagoury

Dracula                                                            Gary Slickman

Lady Macbeth                                                  Cynthia Small

Prince Hal (Henry VI/V)                                  Cameron Small

Scotty (Star Trek)                                             Steve Small

Dalek (Dr. Who)                                              Shelby Speer

Matilda (Matilda)                                             Tatum Lynch

Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)                   Rachel Thornton

Sam Gamgee (Lord of the Rings)                     Zoe Anszperger

Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)                  Morgan LaPlante

Coroner (Wizard of Oz)                                   John Lestina


“Murder at the Library” Production Staff

 Producer                                        Ashley Harmon

Writers                                           Ashley Harmon, Jennifer
                                                      Walsh, Cynthia Small

Publicity                                        Cynthia Small

Concessions                                   Amy Klesert

Tickets                                           Shelby Speer

Gift Bags                                       Debbi Finkelstein

Program                                         Shelby Speer

Our 13th annual Shakespeare in the Park production was The Winter’s Tale. The show was produced by Amy Klesert, directed by Marianne Phinney (helming her 5th Gazebo production), and stage managed by Leon Davis.

Ms. Phinney wanted a more pastoral setting for Shakespeare’s only fairy tale, so for the first time the audience sat with their backs to the Gazebo at the Medfield performances, and the far end of the park became the stage.

After our successful debut in Choate Park last year, we were invited back to Medway again this year. The production played in Medfield, Medway, and Walpole on three consecutive weekends. One of the Medway performances was forced inside at the newly renovated Thayer Homestead due to rain, and one of the Walpole performances was forced inside at the Footlighters. That made for six performances in three towns and five different venues!


From Sicilia:

Leontes                                                Charles Hughes

Camillo                                                 Steve Small

Hermione                                            Katie Speed

Mamillus                                              Nathaniel Parkman

Paulina                                                Barbara Schapiro

Antigonus                                           Steve Small

Emilia                                                  Mary Fleming

Lord                                                    Brian Michael Balduzzi

Lady                                                   Jennifer Walsh

Servant                                              Cameron Small

Cleomines, Jailer, Gentleman            Lydia Plakias

Officer                                                 Cynthia Small


From Bohemia:

Polixenes                                            Benjamin Medeiros

Old Shepherd                                     Cynthia Small

Clowne                                               Cameron Small

Autolicus                                             Jennifer Walsh

Florizel                                                Brian Michael Balduzzi

Perdita                                                Marielle Boudreau

Shepherds                                          Mary Fleming, Nathaniel Parkman, Lydia Plakias



Producer                                           Amy Klesert

Director                                            Marianne Phinney

Assistant Director                            Christine Grudinskas

Choreographer                                 Lisa D. Kelleher

Stage Manager                                 Leon Davis

Costume Designer                           Katy Doughty

Sound Designer                               Cameron Small

Sound Operator                                Anthony Liapis

Playbill                                              Amy Klesert