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The Tempest

Murder at the Library
Front Row: Cynthia Small, Barbara Schapiro, Suzanne Blake, Steve Small
Middle Row: Claire Lukaczyn, Ashley Harmon, Shelby Speer, Cam Small, Mei-Lin Po, Marielle Boudreau,
Kristina Bradley
Back Row: Gary Slickman, Michael Dornish, Debbi Finkelstein, Ben Medeiros, Jen Walsh, Pam Jones

On April 6, the Gazebo Players hosted the second annual Murder Mystery Night at the Medfield Public Library. The scene was the Annual Shakespeare Awards (Shakies) hosted by Groucho Marx. Unfortunately, the festivities were cut short when Glinda was practicing her tribute to Cleopatra, last year’s “In Memorium”, and discovered the body of Bond, James Bond! 

Forty-five amateur sleuths roamed the library to question the various characters, trying to ascertain who did it, the weapon, and the motive. The convoluted plots contained red herrings, multiple suspects, and ultimately one winner received a gift basket and bragging rights trophy.  She correctly deduced that Esmeralda killed James Bond with Luigi's wrench after Iago convinced her to kill Bond since he (accidentally) murdered Quasimodo.

The event, which was fundraiser for the Summer Shakespeare in the Park productions and the library, also featured a fifty/fifty raffle and libations for sale.


Suzanne Blake (Scarlet O'Hara, Gone with the Wind)
Marielle Boudreau (Hermione Granger, Harry Potter)
Kristina Bradley (Nancy Drew)
Michael Dornish (Cat in the Hat)
Debbi Finkelstein (Batgirl)
Ashley Harmon (Estella, Great Expectations)
Pam Jones (Agatha Christie)
Claire Lukaczyn (Glinda, Wizard of Oz)
Ben Medeiros (Luigi)
Mei-Lin Po (Mulan)
Barbara Schapiro (Lady Macbeth)
Gary Slickman (Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes)
Cameron Small (Iago, Othello)
Cynthia Small (Ms. Havisham, Great Expectations)
Steve Small (Groucho Marx)
Shelby Speer (Esmeralda, Hunchback of Notre Dame)
Jennifer Walsh (Wicked Witch of the West, Wizard of Oz)


Producers/Organizers: Debbi Finkelstein, Ashley Harmon, Ben Medeiros, Jen Walsh
Writers: Debbi Finkelstein, Ashley Harmon, Ben Medeiros
Publicity: Cynthia Small
Concessions: Amy Klesert
Gift Bags and Prize: Claire Lukaczyn, Cynthia Small
Raffles: Amy Klesert
Program: Debbi Finkelstein, Ashley Harmon

The Giving Tree

On Saturday, May 4 the Gazebo Players participated in the Medfield Library's Green Gala with two performances of Shel Silverstein's "The Giving Tree." The show was directed by Shelby Speer and featured Debbi Finklestein as Tree, Steve Small as Boy, and Cynthia Small as Narrator.  Many people, and one very excited dog, enjoyed each of the two performances!

The Tempest

Front Row: Lydia Plakais, Claire Lukaczyn, Mei-Lin Po, Marielle Boudreau
Back Row: Gianna Panagiotakos, Jim Merlin, Cynthia Small, Peter Bradley, Cam Small, Kate Brush, Barbara Schapiro, Ben Medeiros, Fabiana Cabral, Mary Parker, Jen Walsh

Our 12th annual Shakespeare in Park production was The Tempest, directed by Shelby Speer, produced by Amy Klesert, and stage managed by Steve Small.
  Setting the play in an afro-Caribbean local, Mrs. Speer took her inspiration from the "five wits" (which Shakespeare referenced in various works): common sense, imagination, fantasy, instinct, and memory.

For the first time, the Gazebo Players performed in beautiful Choate Park as part of Medway's 300th Anniversary celebration.  This year also saw the return of the six-performance schedule.

100 degree weather led to our opening night being indoors at Montrose School, and the other five were outdoors at the Medfield Gazebo, Choate Park, and Bird Park in Walpole.  Each performance was well-attended, with multiple guests attending more than one performance.

Read the Medfield Press' coverage of the production here.

Cast (alphabetical order by character)
Adrian: Marielle Boudreau
Alonzo: Peter Bradley
Antonio: Jim Merlin
Ariel: Claire Lukaczyn
Boatswain: Jen Walsh
Caliban: Ben Medeiros
Ferdinand: Cam Small
Gonzalo: Cynthia Small
Miranda: Kate Brush
Prospera: Barbara Schapiro
Sebastian: Giana Panagiotakos
Spirits: Jen Walsh, Mei-Lin Po, Lydia Plakias
Stephano: Fabiana Cabral
Trinculo: Mary Parker

Director: Shelby Speer
Producer: Amy Klesert
Stage Manager: Steve Small
Assistant Stage Manager: Juli Small
Production Assistant: Marielle Boudreau
Stage Crew: Lydia Plakias, Mei-Lin Po
Properties: Marielle Boudreau, Grace Tormey
Set Painter: Grace Tormey
Costume Designer: Dayna Spinner
Costume Coordinator: Mary Parker
Costumer: Jen Walsh
Sound Designer/Technician: Matt Woodard
Artwork Designer: Ariel Cohen
Playbill: Amy Klesert