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Murder at the Library
Antony and Cleopatra
Culture Shock

Murder at the Library

Front row: Kelli Grafton, Claire Lukaczyn, Rachel Thornton, Mei-Lin Po, Cynthia Small, Barbara Schapiro, Ashley Harmon, Debbi Finkelstein, Ben Medeiros, Kristina Bradley, Deanna Allard, Amelia Tarallo
k row: Cam Small, Steve Small, Kyle Whitty, Shelby Bleiweis, Howard Reith, Gary Slickman, Simon Caine

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On Saturday evening, March 31st, the Gazebo Players and Medfield Public Library co-hosted the fundraiser "Murder at the Library". (Happy early April Fool’s Day!). More than 75 people attended the interactive event in which literary characters came to life and mingled with the audience to solve clues and figure out “whodunit”. Set at the fictional annual “Shakies” Awards Night, the introduction by Groucho Marx was interrupted by the arrival of Harry Potter announcing that Cleopatra’s body had been found dead in the green room. Only by interviewing the suspects could the audience determine who killed Cleopatra, by what method and why.

Audience members were escorted down the red carpet, provided swag bags (which included note pads, pens, and a free raffle ticket), and invited to purchase raffle tickets and refreshments.

The grand prize was won by Elaine Harmon for being the first to deduce that Mrs. Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) had Lennie (Of Mice and Men) steal Snow White’s poisoned apple (unknowingly bewitched by the Potter gang), and present it to Cleopatra, in order to eliminate her daughter’s competition vying for James Bond’s attention.


Deanna Allard (Harley Quinn/Batman)

Shelby Bleiweis (Gwen Cooper/Torchwood)

Kristina Bradley (Nancy Drew)

Simon Caine (James Bond)

Debbi Finkelstein (Anne Shirley/Anne of Green Gables)

Kelli Grafton (Ginny Weasley/Harry Potter)

Ashley Harmon (Snow White)

Claire Lukaczyn (Dorothy/Wizard of Oz)

Ben Medeiros (Lennie/Of Mice and Men)

Mei-Lin Po (Mulan)

Howard Reith (Zorro)

Barbara Schapiro (Mrs. Bennet/Pride and Prejudice)

Gary Slickman (Einstein)

Cam Small (Harry Potter)

Cynthia Small (Sleuth)

Steve Small (Grouch Marx)

Amelia Tarallo (Clary Fray/The Mortal Instruments)

Rachel Thornton (Pansy Parkinson/Harry Potter)

Jennifer Walsh (Miss Wonderly/Maltese Falcon)

Kyle Whitty (Edgar Allen Poe)


Producer/Organizer: Shelby Bleiweis

Writers: Ben Medeiros, Jennifer Walsh

Publicity: Cynthia Small, Steve Small

Tickets: Shelby Bleiweis, Medfield Library Staff

Concessions: Amy Klesert

Gift Bags: Shelby Bleiweis

Raffles: Debbi Finkelstein

Program: Shelby Bleiweis


Antony and Cleopatra

antony and cleopatra
Antony (Julian Willard) and Cleopatra (Claire Lukaczyn) in a loving embrace.

[click here and here for additional photos. Thanks to Dan Busler, Paul Collins, and Mr. Klesert for these images!]

For our eleventh annual Summer Shakespeare in the Park, the Gazebo Players mounted a production of Antony and Cleopatra. Some of the challenges facing returning director (and co-president) Debbi Finkelstein were cutting the play to a manageable length, presenting a tragedy that was based on actual historical figures, and combining 30+ roles for 17 actors.

For the first time we planned only one weekend each in Medfield (July 28, 29) and Walpole (August 4, 5). However, a plea from nearby Canton resulted in a last minute performance there on August 3. The weather was unpredictable, resulting in 5 performances in 4 different locations including the Medfield Library Gazebo and Montrose School, as well as the encore performance in Canton at the Village Shoppes. Although both Walpole performances were held outdoors at Bird Park, the deluge that occurred during Act 4 of our final performance resulted in changing history – both Antony and Cleopatra lived!


Shelby Bleiweis: Mardian, Gallus, Soldier, Second Servant
Marielle Boudreau: Octavia, Eros, Attendant
Paul Collins: Lepidus, Diomedes, Second Attendant, Attendants
Matt Kelly: Pompey, Euphronius, Proculeius, Messenger, Second Messenger
Claire Lukaczyn: Cleopatra
Benjamin Medeiros: Agrippa, Demetrius
Shannon Mercer: Menecrates, Dercetas, First Attendant, Solider
Sarah Mitchell: Iras
Jeremiah O'Sullivan: Octavius Caesar
Barbara Schapiro: Enorbarbus
Cynthia Small: Ventidus, Scarus, Seleucus, Egyptian/Tutor, Messenger
Juli Small:
Menas, Thyreus, Clown/Countryman
Steve Small: Alexas, Guard
Jennifer Walsh: Philo, Varrius, Canidius, Dolabella, First Servant
Kyle Whitty: Macaenas
Julian Willard: Antony
Charlene Winslow: Charmian


Producer: Amy Klesert
Director: Debbi Finkelstein
Stage Manager: Hannah Roth
Assistant Stage Manager: Iyvon Edebiri
Stage Crew: Juli Small, Lydia Plakias, Kay Smudin
Sound Operator: Cam Small
Set Design: Paul Collins, Lydia Roberts
Costume Design: Stephanie Ebeling
Assistant Costume Design: Cheryl
Graphic Design: Dayna Spinner
Publicity: Cynthia Small

Culture Shock

The Gazebo Players, in conjunction with the Medfield Library, presented “Culture Shock” to an intimate audience in the Daly Room of the library on September 13, 2012.

This debut reader’s theatre performance featured selections chosen specifically for this event. Deborah Kelsey (Medfield Library Director) and Cynthia Small chose pieces from a variety of authors that illuminated the excitement and anxiety, ignorance and acceptance, loss and liberty that accompany any immigrant’s journey from the familiar to the new.

‘Culture Shock” was the last event to support the library’s community-wide Medfield Reads initiative surrounding the memoir Outwitting History by Aaron Lansky. While Lansky wrote of his own experiences rescuing over a half million Yiddish texts, “Culture Shock” spoke to the wider immigrant experience of leaving your homeland, making a journey to a foreign land, then trying to assimilate to a new culture and still retain the essence of your old one.

The cast comprised Gazebo Board members Claire Lukaczyn, Benjamin Medeiros, Cynthia Small, Steve Small and Jen Walsh. Ashley Harmon directed.