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The Comedy of Errors

comedy of errors

Antipholus of Syracuse (Mario DaRosa Jr.) and his twin brother's wife Adriana (Shannon Hogan) exchange some words.

For their tenth annual Shakespeare in the Park production, Gazebo Players mounted a production of The Comedy of Errors, a farce set in ancient Greece. Two sets of identical twins, separated shortly after birth, end up in the same city on the same day wearing identical outfits 25 years (or 33 years, math was apparently not one of Shakespeare’s better subjects) later. As if that setup didn’t require a large enough suspension of disbelief on the part of the audience, the twins’ parents, who have also been separated, happen to be in town on the fateful day as well.

Marianne Phinney, who directed the Gazebo’s first Shakespeare in the Park show and two other along the way, returned to direct the Tenth Anniversary production. 

Favorable weather allowed the first five performances to be outdoors, with only the last Walpole performance being forced indoors. The total audience that attended during the run was around 400. Performances were given at the Gazebo on July 23, 24, 30, and 31, at Bird Park on August 6, and at the Walpole Footlighters on August 7. 

A gala Tenth Anniversary party was held at the Zullo Gallery in Medfield after the July 30 performance, and all cast and crew from all 10 years of Shakespeare in the Park were invited. Many attended, and a great time was had by all.

CAST (in order of appearance):

Steve Small: Aegeon

Barbara Schapiro: Solinus, Duke of Ephesus

Shelby Bleiweis: Jailer 

Jim Merlin: First Merchant, Balthazar, Officer, and Messenger

Mario DaRosa, Jr.: Antipholus of Syracuse

Steven Young: Dromio of Syracuse

Benjamin Medeiros: Dromio of Ephesus

Shannon Lillian Hogan: Adriana

Claire Lukaczyn: Luciana

Brandon Homer: Antipholus of Ephesus

Cynthia Small: Angelo

Marielle Boudreau: Luce and Courtesan

Jennifer Walsh: Second Merchant and Pinch

Cathy Larson: Abbess


Amy Klesert: Producer

Marianne Phinney: Director

Christine Grudinskas: Assistant Director

Shelby Bleiweis: Stage Manager

Lydia Plakias: Assistant Stage Manager

Ashley Harmon: Props Manager

Cam Small: Sound Operator

Rachel Harmon: Graphic Design

Amy Klesert: Playbill

Steve Small: Publicity

Amy Klesert, Debbi Finkelstein, Juli Small: Concessions

Amy Klesert, Lydia Plakias, Juli Small: Puppeteers

Costumes courtesy of Worcester Academy Visual and Performing Arts Department