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Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour Lost Cast

The cast of Love's Labour's Lost poses after the final dress rehearsal: Front row: Barbara Schapiro, Phoebe Roberts, Ben Medeiros (with Ajax the Sheep), Ashley Harmon, Ron Lacey, Valerie Cain, Juli Small, Cynthia Small. Back row: Paul Collins, Steve Small, Alex Speer, Cameron Small, Marielle Boudreau, Emilie Chamberlain, Rachel Harmon, Debbi Finkelstein.

For their ninth annual Shakespeare in the Park production, Gazebo Players mounted a production of Love’s Labour’s Lost, a romantic farce set in the Navarre region of Spain. As soon as the King of Navarre and his courtiers make a very public vow promising to have no contact with women for three years to devote themselves to their studies, the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting arrive on a state visit. The men are smitten, and immediately start looking for increasingly comical ways to get out of their vows without losing face.

Gazebo Board Member Shelby Bleiweis directed the production. Shelby chose to set the show in modern day, with King Ferdinand and his courtiers attending mythical Navarre University and the Princess of France and her ladies-in-waiting visiting from the equally mythical Paris College.

Two members of the cast, Paul Collins and Alex Speer, made their theatrical debuts in the production. Making their Gazebo debuts were Marielle Boudreau and Emilie Chamberlain. The show also marked the first time that the Harmon sisters, Ashley and Rachel, appeared in a show together, although each had participated in numerous shows separately.

Rain forced the first performance indoors, but favorable weather allowed the rest of the Medfield performances to go on outside. Conflicts at Bird Park forced both Walpole performances to move indoors. The total audience that attended during the run was around 400. Performances were given at the Montrose School on July 24th, at the Gazebo on July 25th, 30th, and August 1st, and at the Walpole Footlighters on August 7th and 8th.

CAST (in order of appearance):

Ron Lacey: King Ferdinand
Phoebe Roberts: Longaville
Alex Speer: Dumaine 
Ben Medeiros: Berowne
Paul Collins: Constable Anthony Dull
Barbara Schapiro: Costard
Steve Small: Don Adriano de Armado
Rachel Harmon: Jaquenetta
Cynthia Small: Boyet
Valerie Cain: The Princess of France
Juli Small: Maria
Debbi Finkelstein: Katharine
Ashley Harmon: Rosaline
Marielle Boudreau: Holofernes
Cameron Small: Page
Emilie Chamberlain: Mercade


Amy Klesert: Producer
Shelby Bleiweis: Director
Emilie Chamberlain: Stage Manager
Paul Buonopane: Sound Designer
Shelby Bleiweis: Costume Design
Rachel Harmon: Costumes
Emilie Chamberlain: Costumes
Tali Degany: Props Manager
Rachel Harmon: Playbill artwork
Amy Klesert: Playbill
Larry Stone: Playbill
Steve Small: Publicity
Amy Klesert: Concessions
Tony Liapis: Lights (at Footlighters)