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Twelfth Night


The cast of Twelfth Night poses after the last performance. Back row (left to right): Shane Hoche, Steve Small, Cameron Small, Chris Woodsum, Randy Elliot. Middle row: Caitlin Cronin, Ashley Harmon, Cynthia Small, Harold Jukebox, Ben Medeiros, Jenn Graham, Juli Small. Front row: Valerie Cain, Emily Dahl, Jenn Kessler, Amanda Loewy, Barbara Schapiro.

For their eighth annual Shakespeare in the Park production, Gazebo Players mounted a production of Twelfth Night.

Gazebo Secretary Debbi Finkelstein directed the production. Debbi chose to set the production in the 1950’s. The play opens with Duke Orsino’s line “If music be the food of love, play on.” Orsino, costumed reminiscent of Fonzie from Happy Days, whacks a jukebox, and the 50’s music started, continuing throughout the performance. Hound Dog, Good Golly Miss Molly, and Rockin’ Robin were just some of the vintage melodies used with Shakespeare’s words.

There was a large turnover in cast from the previous year’s production of Macbeth, as only three of the Macbeth cast returned for Twelfth Night. Four veterans Gazebans returned after taking last year off, and nine actors made their Gazebo debuts. Among the newcomers, audiences were particularly delighted with the performances of Valerie Cain as Maria and Jenn Kessler as Feste. Newcomer Amanda Loewy also made an impression in the lead role of Viola.

Director Debbi Finkelstein created a production that was extremely flexible; this turned out to be a good thing, as the show moved to four different venues. Rain never actually materialized, but flash flood warnings prompted a move indoors on two separate dates. For the first time the rain space in Medfield was the Montrose School on North Street. The total audience that attended during the run was around 400. Performances were given at the Gazebo on July 18, 19, and 26, at the Montrose School on July 27, at Bird Park on August 1, and at the Walpole Footlighters on August 2.


Ben Medeiros: Duke Orsino
Chris Woodsum: Curio/Servant
Jenn Graham: Valentine 
Amanda Loewy: Viola
Shane Hoche: Captain/1st Officer
Steve Small: Sir Toby Belch
Valerie Cain: Maria
Randy Elliot: Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Jenn Kessler: Feste, the Fool
Ashley Harmon: Olivia
Barbara Schapiro: Malvolio
Cynthia Small: Antonia
Emily Dahl: Sebastian
Juliana Small: Fabian
Cameron Small: 2nd Officer/Attendant
Caitlin Cronin: Priest/Attendant


Brenda Ladoulis: Executive Producer
Lyndie Laramore: Co-Producer
Jan Laramore: Co-Producer
Debbi Finkelstein: Director
Michaela Weglinski: Asst. Director
Aly Thompson: Stage Manager
Edward Eaton: Fight Choreographer
Patty Ford: Set Design and Construction
Chris Milford: Set Construction
Chris Romilly: Sound Designer
Dayna Spinner: Costume Design
Rachel Harmon: Costumes
Maureen Smith: Costumes
Cynthia Small: Props Manager
Rachel Harmon: Playbill artwork
Susan Duprey: Playbill
Jason Lamb: Playbill
Steve Small: Publicity
Lyndie Laramore: Concessions
Jan Laramore: Concessions
Brenda Ladoulis: Concessions