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Macbeth (Andrew Bradley) and Lady Macbeth (Julia Specht) try to hide the evidence of the murder of King Duncan.

For their seventh annual Shakespeare in the Park production, Gazebo Players mounted a production of Macbeth.

Edward Eaton returned to Gazebo for the second consecutive year to direct the production. One of the guiding themes of the production was that the three witches not only predict what will happen to Macbeth, they take an active role in guiding the events to make the predictions come true. Appearing in almost every scene, the witches whispered suggestions in the ears of various characters at crucial junctures, propelling the action forward. There was also lots of combat with staves and swords.

Shakespeare’s script has 30 characters, many of whom appear in one scene and then are heard no more. Mr. Eaton’s cut of the script combined many roles and eliminated others, creating a challenge for 13 actors, many of whom played multiple roles.

Macbeth has a reputation in the theatrical community for being cursed; bad things tend to happen to members of the company or production staff if they inadvertently utter the name of the play when not actually rehearsing of performing. While no tragedies befell the Gazebo production, the performances were plagued by rain. Four of the six performances had to be moved to the indoor venue, which held down the total audience that attended during the run to around 350. Performances were given at the Gazebo on July 19 and 26, at the Pfaff Center on July 20 and 27, and at the Walpole Footlighters on August 2 and 3.


Andrew Bradley: Macbeth

Julia Specht: Lady Macbeth

Cathy Larson: 1st Witch and 1st Murderer

Cynthia Small: 2nd Witch and 2nd Murderer

Kathryn Holland: 3rd Witch and 3rd Murderer

Chris Woodsum: Malcolm

Tom Lawrence: Macduff

Wendy Lippe: Banquo

Jere Babst: Duncan and Siward

Juliana Small: Fleance, Young Macduff, and Young Siward

Maureen Smith: Seyton, the Porter, and Lady Macduff

Rachel Harmon: Donalbain

Peter Bradley: Lennox


Steve Small, Executive Producer

Debbi Finkelstein, Co-Producer

Cynthia Small, Co-Producer

Edward Eaton, Director

Marty Fucio, Asst. Director/Stage Manager

Corrinne Coveney, Asst. Stage Manager

Bryan Maynard, Asst. Stage Manager

Paul Buonopane, Sound Designer

Cameron Small, Sound Technician

Shelby Bleiweis, Props Manager

Rachel Harmon, Playbill artwork

Susan Duprey, Playbill

Jason Lamb, Playbill

Steve Small, Publicity

Linda Kipper, Concessions

Larry Stone, Concessions