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Romeo and Juliet

Love Letters

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo (Matt Wilka) thinks Juliet (Julia Specht) is dead.

For their sixth annual Shakespeare in the Park production, Gazebo Players tackled a tragedy for the first time, Romeo and Juliet.

Director Edward Eaton’s concept for the production was a “found object” show. Cast members dressed in typical summer clothing (cool colors for the Capulets, warm colors for the Montagues), and sat among the audience when the show started. It could have been a large gathering of people for a summer picnic, when a play starts up. Props were things that could be found on a typical summer day, for example, sticks instead of swords. When Juliet needed a dress, she wrapped her picnic blanket around her waist. At some performances, audience members were invited to join the dancing at the Capulet’s party, when Romeo and Juliet first meet.

Performances were given at the Gazebo on July 21 & 22, at the Pfaff Center due to rain on July 28 & 29, and at Bird Park on August 4 & 5. Attendance for the six performances totaled approximately 400.


Lily Narbonne, Mercutio
Andrew Bradley, Tybalt/Paris
Matt Wilka, Romeo
Cynthia Small, Gregory/Apothecary
Juliana Small, Samson/Petra/Servant
Michaela Weglinski, Balthazar
Rachel Harmon, Benvolio
Jere Babst, Lord Capulet
Cathy Larson, Lady Capulet
Ben Brenner, Lord Montague
Kris Specht, Lady Montague
Brenda Ladoulis, Princess Of Verona
Barbara Schapiro, Nurse
Julia Specht, Juliet
Peter Bradley, Friar Lawrence


Jennie El-Far, Producer
Edward Eaton, Director
Marty Fucio, Asst. Director/Stage Manager
Steve Small, Asst. Producer
Jeff Connelly, Sound Designer
Jennie El-Far, Sound Technician
Steve Small, Sound Technician
Corinne Coveney, Concessions
Rachel Harmon, Playbill artwork
Barbara Schapiro, Playbill
Jason Lamb, Playbill
Steve Small, Publicity
Cynthia Small, Publicity
Susan Duprey, Publicity
Brenda Ladoulis, Publicity
The Cast, Props
The Cast, Costumes


Love Letters

Steve Small (Andy) and Cynthia Small (Meilssa) read A. R. Gurney's Love Letters.

A. R. Gurney became the first playwright (other than Shakespeare) to have two different plays mounted as Gazebo productions when the group produced Love Letters. The unusual script specifies that the actors are not to memorize their parts; rather, the entire action of the play is two characters reading the letters they wrote to each other over a span of about 50 years.

The relatively short rehearsal requirements allow professional productions to change casts every week. To honor that tradition, Director Bob Eiland decided to change casts every night. The production also provided Gazebo with the chance to reach further into the community by casting "Medfield celebrities," people who don't usually appear in community theater. Celebrity recruiting efforts turned up Selectman Pete Peterson, who hadn't appeard onstage since 1964, and his wife Deb Bero, who had never appeared on stage. Other "celebrities" were approached but were unable to participate, so the casts were filled out with Gazebo Board members.

Since the production went up close to Valentine's Day, Gazebo teamed up with local restaurants to provide "sweets for the sweet". Patrons could take their ticket stubs to Basil's, Zebra's, or Noon Hill Grill after the performance for $2 off any dessert.

Performances were given on February 2, 3, and 10, at the Blake Middle School auditorium to a total audience of approximately 150.


February 2
Cynthia Small, Melissa
Steve Small, Andy

February 3
Deborah Bero, Melissa
Osler "Pete" Peterson, Andy

February 10
Jean Robison, Melissa
Bob Eiland, Andy


Brenda Ladoulis, Co - Producer
Jane Miller, Co - Producer
Bob Eiland, Director
Jane Miller,Technical Director
Cynthia Small, Set Designer
Wayne Chatterton, Lights & Sound
Linda Kipper, Box Office
Larry Stone, Box Office
Brenda Ladoulis, Concessions
Jane Miller, Playbill