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The Taming of the Shrew

Baptista (Katheryn Holland) can hardly believe that Kate (Wendy Nystrom) and Petruchio (Steve Cook) are in love. With good reason.

Our fourth annual Shakespeare In The Park production had the cast preparing the way one of Shakespeare's casts would have: using only cue scripts. In Shakespeare's day, theatre owners feared that an unscrupulous actor, given the entire script, would sell it to a rival theatre. Actors were given "sides", which had their own part and the last few words of their cue. The sides would be written on small scrolls which the actors would actually take on stage during a performance. These scrolls became known as the actor's "roll", and eventually "role". The cast of The Taming of the Shrew prepared for the performances using only sides, although they didn't take the sides onstage with them.

Performances were given at the Gazebo on July 16, 17, 23, and 24, and at Bird Park in Walpole on July 30 and 31. For the first time since adopting the six performance schedule, none of the performances had to be moved inside!

CAST (in order of appearance):

Christopher Anton, Lucentio
Barbara Schapiro, Tranio
Katheryn Holland, Baptista
Steve Small, Gremio
Wendy Nystrom, Katherine
Jere Babst, Hortensio
Ashley Harmon, Bianca
Susan Jones, Biondello
Steve Cook, Petruchio
Tracey Seier, Grumio
David Harmon, Nick
Katheryn Holland, Curtis
David Harmon, Nathaniel
Shelley Wood, Joseph
Kate Thuma, Nicholas
Suzanne Cunningham, Peter
Shelley Wood, A Pedant
David Harmon, A Haberdasher
Kate Thuma, A Tailor
Suzanne Cunningham, Vincentio
Kate Thuma, An Officer
Shelley Wood, A Widow


Cynthia Small, Co - Producer
Wendy Nystrom, Co - Producer
Marianne Phinney, Director
Christine Grudinskas, Asst. Director
Michelle Bauman, Stage Manager
Sharon Kivnik, Costume Design
Jane Walsh, Costume Design
Casey Davis, Set Design & Construction
Elaine Harmon, Chief Scenic Painter
Rachel Harmon, Scenic Painter
Marianne Phinney, Sound Design
Susan Jones, Prop Master
Brenda Ladoulis, Playbill
Steve Small, Publicity
Tony Liapis, Sound Technician
Peter Cook, Sound Technician
Tyler Coveney, Sound Technician
Jason Lamb, Concessions