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Broadway Travelin'

The Merry Wives Of Windsor

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Broadway Travelin'

For the first time, the annual cabaret production was not done as a "one performance only" fundraiser. Two performances of Broadway Travelin' were given at the Unitarian Universalist Church on North St. on May 15 & 16, 2004.

The theme of the production was a musical journey around the world. The cast featured songs from Broadway shows set in exotic or unusual places. In another first, six children performed along with the nine adults.



Be Our Guest, Beauty And The Beast The Company

The Night They Invented Champagne, Gigi Mary Ann Hatem, George Motley

It's Only Love, The Scarlet Pimpernel Ashley Harmon


Perfectly Marvelous, Cabaret Susan Duprey, John Davis


Consider Yourself, Oliver The Gazebo Kids

With A Little Bit Of Luck, My Fair Lady George Motley

How Could I Know, The Secret Garden Fiona Tyndall

Pretty Women, Sweeney Todd Tom Scotti, George Motley

Chimchimcheree, Mary Poppins Jean Robison, Tom Scotti, The Kids

The Republic Of Georgia

Sweet Georgia Brown, To Be Or Not To Be Jeff and John Davis


Send In The Clowns, A Little Night Music Mary Ann Hatem


Barcelona, Company Fiona Tyndall, Tom Scotti

Together, Gypsy Juliana Small, Susan Duprey, George Motley

Take Me Back To Manhattan, Anything Goes The Gazebettes

Anything Goes, Anything Goes The Company



Comedy Tonight, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum The Company

Everybody Ought To Have A Maid, A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum The Gazebubs


My Strongest Suit, Aida The Gazebettes


Edelweis, The Sound Of Music Tom Scotti, Fiona Tyndall

Do Re Mi, The Sound Of Music Fiona Tyndall, The Kids

Your Imagination

Little Known Facts, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown Jean Robison with Jeff Davis and Tom Scotti

Book Report, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown Jean Robison, Jeff Davis, John Davis, George Motley

My Own Little Corner, Cinderella Ashley Harmon


Home, Beauty And The Beast Mary Ann Hatem

Far From The Home I Love, Fiddler on the Roof Susan Duprey


Fugue for Tinhorn, Guys And Dolls Jeff Davis, John Davis, George Motley

My Funny Valentine, Babes In Arms Fiona Tyndall

All That Jazz, Chicago Jean Robison, Mary Ann Hatem

Give My Regards To Broadway, George M! The Company


Fiona Tyndall & Susan Duprey, Producers

Jane Rathiel, Music Director and Pianist

Doug Ambos, Drums

Jean Robison, Choreographer

Steve Small, Stage Manager

Chris Allan, Lighting Designer

Kate McLean, Playbill

Cynthia Small, Publicity

Shelley Cook, Box Office

New 'N Towne, Concessions


The Merry Wives of Windsor

At The Garter Cafe, Mistress Quickly (Shelley Wood) delivers one of her many messages to Sir John Falstaff(Steve Cook).

Our third annual Shakespeare In The Park production found the Gazebo transported back in time to the 1960's. The Fords and the Pages were suburban couples, Falstaff was a rock star, Bardolph, Nym, and Pistol his backup singers and groupies, and Dr. Caius a drug dispensing french version of Dr. Timothy Leary.

Performances were given at the Gazebo on July 24, 25, 31, and August 1, and at Bird Park in Walpole on August 7 and 8. As always, weather was a big variable. One Medfield performance had to be moved to the Pfaff Center due to the threat of rain which never materialized. The first Medfield weekend was unseasonably cold, the second Medfield weekend was humid with the threat of thunderstorms, and the Walpole weekend was absolutely delightful. The estimated combined audience was between 500 - 600.


The Windsor Folk

Marianne Phinney, Mistress Meg Page
Barbara Schapiro, Mistress Alice Ford
Kevin Ashworth, Master George Page
Bob Eiland, Master Frank Ford
Shelley Wood, Mistress Quickly
Steve Mulahoo, Dr. Caius
Wendy Nystrom, Sister Ethel Evans
Ruth Shane, Host of the Garter Cafe
Ashley Harmon, Anne Page
John McClain, Shallow
Michael Duran, Slender
Susan Jones, Simple and Margaret

Falstaff, his Groupies, and other Out-Of-Towners

Steve Cook, Sir John Falstaff
Cynthia Small, Bardolph
Brenda Ladoulis, Pistol
Tracey Seier, Nym and Johanna
Andrew Bradley, Fenton
Juliana Small, Robin (3 performances)
Cameron Small, Robin (3 performances)
Rebecca Jacques, Fairy
Samantha Stone, Fairy


Melissa Lamb, Producer
Marc S. Miller, Director
Bob Eiland, Assistant Producer
Katie Toohil, Stage Manager
Lauren Sison, Costume Design/Coordination
Melissa Lamb, Set Design
Elaine Harmon, Chief Set Decorator
Marianne Phinney, Sound Design
Susan Jones, Prop Master
Bob Eiland, Playbill
Kate McLean, Playbill Design
Cynthia Small, Publicity
Steve Cook, Set Consruction Coordinator
Chris Allan, Sound Engineer
Tony Liapis, Sound Technician
Peter Cook, Sound Technician
Tyler Coveney, Sound Technician
Susan Jones, Publicity Assistant
Steve Small, Publicity Assistant
Andrew Bradley, Publicity Assistant
Wendy Nystrom, Publicity Assistant
Viv Tyndall, Publicity Assistant
Cynthia Small, Props Assistant
Marianne Phinney, Props Assistant
David Harmon, Set Decorator
Ashley Harmon, Set Decorator
Bob Eiland, Set Decorator
Cynthia Small, Set Decorator
Kathy Brennan, Production Assistant
Leah Henry-MacDonald, Production Assistant
Cameron Small, Production Assistant
Friends of Seniors Inc. (FOSI), Concessions


Brighton Beach Memoirs

The season closed with the production of Neil Simon's Brighton Beach Memoirs. The play is the first of three semi-autobigraphical plays by Simon. In this one, Eugene Jerome, Simon's 15 year old alter-ego, relates events from 1937, when his aunt and cousins have moved in with him, his parents, and his brother, after the death of his uncle. Seven people trying to get through the depression on two salaries, living in a 3 bedroom house in the Brighton Beach neighborhood of Brooklyn. The family laughs, cries, fights, makes up, and somehow, Eugene gets through puberty.

In a Gazebo first, Producer Susan Jones and Director Deni Mayer wrote a blog during the production to show what it takes behind the scenes to put on a show.

Performances were given at Medfield High School December 3, 4, 5, 11, and 12, before a combined audience of 150-175.


Sean Davis, Eugene
Anna Finklestein, Laurie
Carolyne Gallo, Nora
Jean Robison, Kate
Steve Siegmund, Stanley
Cynthia Small, Blanche
Steve Small, Jack


Susan Jones, Producer
Deni Mayer, Director
Cynthia Small, Assistant Producer
Melissa Lamb, Stage Manager
Juliana Small, Assistant Stage Manager
Kathy Fox Alfano, Set Design
Jane Walsh, Set Construction Chief
Jason Lamb, Set Construction
Steve Cook, Set Construction
Viv Tyndall, Set Construction
Bob Eiland, Set Construction
Steve Small, Set Construction
Sean Davis, Set Construction
Deni Mayer, Set Construction
Jason Lamb, Set Construction
Leah Henry-MacDonald, Set Construction
Melissa Lamb, Set Construction
Tracey Seier, Set Decorator
Babraba Schapiro, Set Decorator
Bob Eiland, Set Decorator
Carolyne Gallo, Set Decorator
Jane Walsh, Set Decorator
Deni Mayer, Set Decorator
Alex Mykyta, Lighting
Taylor Hartstein, Lighting Assistant
Deni Mayer, Sound Design
Brett Coveney, Sound
Kevin Hartstein, Sound Assistant
Viv Tyndall, Prop Master
Dawn Jansen, Props Assistant
Susan Jones, Props Assistant
Cynthia Small, Props Assistant
Bob Eiland, Playbill
Linda Kipper, Box Office
Cynthia Small, Publicity
Kathy Brennan, Publicity Assistant
Bob Eiland, Publicity Assistant
Heidy Luedden, Costumes
Katja Tautenhahn, Costumes
Betsy Loeffler, Costumes
bob Eiland, Production Assistant
Ruth Shane, Production Assistant
Shelley Wood, Production Assistant
Cameron Small, Production Assistant
Friends of Seniors Inc. (FOSI), Concessions