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On Golden Pond

Cabaret 2003: Broadway Revisited - Encore!

Much Ado About Nothing

The Miracle Worker

On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson

The Gazebo Players' found a permanent home in the Medfield High School Auditorium for their production of On Golden Pond. Five performances on March 28, 29, 30, April 4 and 5. Audiences ranged in size from 30 to 60.

The performance on March 30 was a matinee, and featured a question and answer session with the cast and crew after the performance.


Ron Mutton, Norman Thayer Jr.
Barbara Pettis, Ethel Thayer
Kelli Kalinowski, Chelsea Thayer Wayne
Nathan Walkowicz, Billy Ray
Steve Lillis, Charlie Martin
Viv Tyndall, Bill Ray


Jean Robison, Director
Bob Eiland, Producer
Matthew Aucoin, Compser/Pianist
Susan Harrington, Stage Manager
Linda Burtt, Costume Consultant
Jackie Heger, Props/Costume Coordinator
Mike O'Malley, Sound Technician
Peter Cook, Light Technician
Tyler Coveney, Sound Technician
Cynthia Small, Publicity
Jim Weglinski, Publicity Assistant
Barbara Jacobs, Golden Pond Painting
Roger Pettis, Set Design
Jim Weglinski, Set Construction Supervisor
Steve Cook, Set Construction
Peter Cook, Set Construction/Set Decoration
Cathy Corcoran, Set Construction/Set Decoration
Barbara Schapiro, Set Construction
Ralph Walkowicz, Set Construction
Christine Grudinskas, Set Decoration
Barbara Harrison, Set Decoration
Marianne Phinney, Playbill Design/Playbill
Bob Eiland, Playbill
Judy Mucci, Seamstress
Barbara Schapiro, Production Assistant
Barbara Harrison, Production Assistant
Michaela Weglinski, Production Assistant
Cindy Wegel, Production Assistant
Keith Mozer, Production Assistant
Jason Mozer, Production Assistant
Shelley Cook, Box Office
Sheila Gemma-Farragher, Concesions Coordinator
Lyn Clifford, Concessions/Usher
Sharlottee Eiland, Concessions/Usher
Christine Grudinskas, Concessions/Usher
Ashley Harmon, Concessions/Usher
Barbara Schapiro, Concessions/Usher
Michaela Weglinski, Concessions/Usher


Cabaret 2003: Broadway Revisited - Encore!

The Gazebo Players' cabaret production of Broadway Revisited - Encore! was first performed on May 18, 2003 at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Medfield.

HOST: Bob Eiland


Cabaret, Cabaret The Company

Brush Up Your Shakespeare, Kiss Me Kate Viv Tyndall, Tom Scotti, Steve Lillis, Bob Eiland

Something Wonderful, The King And I Fiona Tyndall

Any Dream Will Do, Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Tom Scotti and the Gazebettes

Summertime, Porgy and Bess Bonnie Zapolin

Never Never Land, Peter Pan Jean Robison

Someone To Watch Over Me, Crazy For You Mary Ann Hatem

To Dream the Impossible Dream, Man Of La Mancha Steve Lillis and The Company

Millworker, Working Susan Duprey

42nd Street, 42nd Street Jean Robison

All I Ask Of You, Phantom Of The Opera Kathy Gantman-Lillis, Steve Lillis

How Could I Know, Secret Garden Fiona Tyndall

Ooh My Feet, Most Happy Fellow Bonnie Zapolin

I Know Things Now, Into The Woods Susan Duprey

Friendship, Anything Goes Mary Ann Hatem, Steve Lillis, Jean Robison

There's No Business Like Show Business, Annie Get Your Gun The Company


Magic To Do, Pippin The Company

Baubles, Bangles, and Beads Kismet Kathy Gantman-Lillis

People Will Say We're In Love, Oklahoma Bonnie Zapolin, Tom Scotti

Home, Beauty And The Beast Mary Ann Hatem

Bless the Lord, Godspell Jean Robison, Susan Duprey, Fiona Tyndall

They Were You, The Fantastiks Kathy Gantman-Lillis, Steve Lillis

Let's Face the Music and Dance, Follow the Fleet Tom Scotti, Susan Duprey

I Still Believe, Miss Saigon Mary Ann Hatem, Fiona Tyndall

By My Side, Godspell Susan Duprey, Jean Robison

Do You Love Me?, Fiddler on the Roof Bonnie Zapolin, Steve Lillis

If I Were a Rich Man, Fiddler on the Roof Steve Lillis

Anyone Can Whistle, Anyone Can Whistle Tom Scotti

If I Only Had a Brain, The Wizard of Oz Viv Tyndall, Steve Lillis, Tom Scotti

Over the Rainbow, The Wizard of Oz Fiona Tyndall

Lullaby of Broadway, 42nd Street The Company


Fiona Tyndall, Producer

Jean Robison, Choreographer

Tara McKee Gray, Pianist


Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare

Villains Apprehended: Dogberry (Beth Goldman) and Verges (Martha Insogna) present the villians Borachio (Bill Bravo) and Conrade (Drew Ditto), who are closely guarded by the Watch (Ashley Harmon & Kaityln Soligan).

The Gazebo Players' second annual Shakespeare In The Park production was Much Ado About Nothing. Four performances were given free to the public at the Medfield Gazebo Park on July 19, 20, 26, and 27, 2003, at 5 PM. Two additional performances were scheduled for August 2 and 3 at Francis William Bird Park in Walpole, more on those below.

Characters in the play often tell lies, usually on purpose, and are instantly believed despite a lack of evidence to support the lies. This reminded director Marianne Phinney of the McCarthy Era in the US, and she set the production in the late 1940's - early 1950's. The masked ball in the script made New Orleans during Mardi Gras a natural as a specific place, and, as all the men were off at war both in the play and in the time period, the production featured an all female police force.

The weather cooperated during the Medfield performances, but the first Walpole performance ran only 4 minutes. The skies opened during the very first scene, sending cast and crew scrambling to save the sound equipment and set. Producer Bob Eiland found an alternate indoor venue for the Sunday performance, the Union Congregational Church, which abuts Bird Park. It didn't rain on Sunday, but it was cloudly and thundering during the setup period, so the performance was moved to the church at the last minute. The outdoor venues have three different entrances for use by the cast, but the church stage had only one. Thus, the cast spent the entire backstage portion of the performance planning entrances and exits for upcoming scenes. The performance actually went off without a hitch, closing the run.

This production was supported in part by a grant from the Medfield Cultural Council, a local agency, which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.


Jere Babst, Don Pedro
Ari Lew, Count Claudio
David Wood, Signior Benedick
Russell Bradchulis, Messenger/Balthazar
Joseph O'Connor, Don John
Drew Ditto, Conrade
Bill Bravo, Borachio
Jason Katz, Leonato
Steve Small, Antonio
Jean Robison, Beatrice
Michelle Mount, Hero
Cynthia Wegel, Margaret
Barbara Schapiro, Ursula
Beth Goldman, Dogberry
Martha Hook Insogna, Verges
Cathy Corcoran, Justice Francis/Sexton
Kaitlyn Soligan, Member of the Watch
Ashley Harmon, Member of the Watch


Producer: Bob Eiland
Director: Marianne Phinney
Assistant Director: Christine Grudinskas
Costume Designer/Coordinator: Georgianna McCormack
Choreographer: Jean Robison
Costume Assistant/Makeup Consultant: Mary Ann Hatem
Sound Engineer: Chris Allen
Sound Technicians: Peter Cook, Tyler Coveney
Props: Bob Eiland, Marianne Phinney, Cathy Corcoran
Publicity: Cynthia Small
Publicity Assistant: Bob Eiland
Set Design/Decoration: Kathleen Conroy Pueschel, Cathy Corcoran, Elaine Harmon, Marianne Phinney, Rachel Harmon
Set Construction: Steve Cook, Peter Cook, Tyler Coveney, Peter Liapis
Playbill: Bob Eiland
Playbill Assistance: Marianne Phinney
Cover Design: Foster Design Group
Box Offie: Shelley Cook
Seamstress: Cathy Corcoran
Production Assistants: Michaela Weglinski, Tony Liapis
Concessions: Shelley Cook, Sheila Gemma-Farragher


The Miracle Worker

by William Gibson

The Miracle Worker tells the classic story of how Annie Sullivan, once blind herself, broke through young Helen Keller's blindness and deafness to teach her language, thus bringing the world to Helen and Helen's singular voice to the world.

Cast and crew took a field trip to The Perkins School For The Blind during production. They were broken into teams of two; one half of each team wore a blindfold and the other half guided them through an obstacle course. They also spoke with a deaf-blind spokesperson from the Perkins School PR department, who gave each child in the cast an ASL name.

Five performances were scheduled on Decmeber 5, 6, 7, 12, and 13, 2003. The December 6 performance was cancelled due to the 19 inches of snow that fell in Medfield that day, and the matinee the next afternoon was sparsely attended, as the roads were just being cleared during the storm's final flurries as the curtain rose. The other three performances were very well attended and extremely well received.

Operation of the concession stand was turned over to the Medfield Lions Club for this production. The Lions raised $367.25, which in turn was donated to the Massachusetts Lions Eye Research Fund, a non-profit organization which funds research in many areas related to the eye and blindness.


Kara Gelormini, Annie Sullivan
Alexa Melo, Helen Keller
Kelli Kalinowski, Kate Keller
Cahal Stephens, Captain Keller
Robin Gabrielli, James Keller
Katheryn Holland, Aunt Ev
Cynthia Small, Viney
Fred Naumann, Percy
Juliana Small, Martha
Harry Connelly, Jimmy Sullivan
Jessica Gabrielson, Taunting Almshouse Woman
Nora Jane Williams, Cigarette Smoking Almshouse Woman
Steve Small, Dr. Anagnos

The Perkins Girls:
Elaine Brill, Laura Cianciolo, Natalie Dickinson, Rebecca Jaques, Meghan McNeil, Alexandra Stanton,
Samantha Stone, Brooke Talbot, Sarah Talbot, Michaela Weglinski

Other Voices:
Sarah Lamb, Bob Eiland, Brian Rehrig, Fiona Tyndall


Producer: Bob Eiland
Director: Bob Eiland
Assistant Director: Robbin Joyce
Stage Manager: Karen Tobin
Technical Director: Melissa Lamb
Perkins School Technical Consultant: Ken Durand
Costume Designer/Coordinator: Harriet Miller
Set Construction Coordinator: Jason Mozer
Lighting: Alex Mykyta
Lighting Assistant: Tyler Wardwell
Sound: Brett Coveney
Sound Assistant: Alex Gontar
Makeup: Mary Ann Hatem
Props: Jessica Gabrielson, Meg Fisher, Bonnie Zapolin, Cynthia Small, Colleen Stanton, Bob Eiland
Props Consultant: Evelyn Corsini
Publicity: Cynthia Small
Publicity Assistants: Suzanne Blake, Bob Eiland, Steve Small, Nora Jane Williams
Set Decoration: Barbara Jacobs, Judy Wiklund, Cynthia Small, Melissa Lamb, Jessica Gabrielson
Set Construction: Jason Mozer, Jason Lamb, Jim Weglinski, Melissa Lamb, Steve Small, Bob Eiland, Steve Cook, Keith Mozer, Dan Mozer, Viv Tyndall, Jessica Gabrielson
Pump Construction: Jason Mozer
Playbill: Bob Eiland
Playbill Assistance: Linda Kipper
Playbill Design: Visual Concepts, Inc.
Box Office: Shelley Cook, Viv Tyndall
Seamstresses: Becky Foley, Janet Johnson, Harriet Miller
Production Assistants: 
Meg Fisher, Leah Henry-MacDonald, Martha Henry-MacDonald, Cameron Small, Juliana Small
Production Photographer: Ned Rothstein
Concessions: Medfield Lions Club