Gay Men's Support Group

Coming out? Need to speak with other gay men about what's going on?

Gay Men's Support Group

Hope you are enjoying the unofficial end of Summer weekend. This holiday weekend signals the end of school and family vacations, the end of summer stock theater and the banning of wearing white until next year. It is also signaling the end of this group.

After 23 years, Tom and I have decided it's time to retire as group hosts. The group's original purpose was to provide information about being gay, coming out, networking and a safe place to be one's self. With the advent of the internet and increasing acceptance of who we are, we have become a mostly social group. Plus, with us spending more and more time in Florida each year, keeping the continuity with meetings has been impossible.

Tom and I met in the previous incarnation of this group. We are so grateful to have been able to offer something back to the community as a result. We're grateful for the hundreds of men who took a chance and attended a meeting. If we helped anyone along the way, we thank you for the opportunity. We are most thankful for the friends we have made and deeply miss the ones we have lost. You have made our lives better.

We are planning on meeting September 5 and 12. Our last meeting will be September 19.

Meets Wednesdays

Pawtucket, RI

7:30 pm

Contact Tom or Mike

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