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One of the mantras I try to remember when times are tough is “It’s not what happens to you – it’s what you do about it.” I cannot think of a better example of someone who epitomises that spirit than Gaynor Young. With the same electrifying talent she showed on stage, Gaynor inspires audiences with her life story. You will laugh, you will cry, you will reflect on your own life. And you will leave with a new look at the world.
                                                                                            Derek Watts -Presenter Carte Blanche

With her courage most modestly on offer, she tells us her story with a light touch and a warm heart. She is a real charmer. To those with a similar fight on their hands, she is inspiring. And to those of us who have been luckier, we simply marvel at a triumphant human spirit. Go see Gaynor – you’ll fall in love!

                                                                         Janet Suzman – International Actress and Director

“Gaynor Young has an amazing and inspiring story to tell. What is more she is a brilliant and witty racconteur when she tells it, whether in a motivational talk, or in her solo show “My Plunge to Fame”. She is a riveting writer too  – as you will quickly discover when you find you have difficulty putting down her compelling book by the same title. Highly recommended.
But its when Gaynor speaks about her life and her journey back from unimaginable injury and pain, that she carves her niche as a unique performing artist and human being. She brings courage, comfort and hope to anyone confronted by illness, injury or disability, but her story also serves to prove that whatever the challenge, the power of the mind is paramount. Her audiences are richer for hearing her story which
 is the perfect vehicle for in-company motivation, or pure inspirational theatrical entertainment.”

                                                                                Des and Dawn Lindberg.


'Gaynor Young on stage is a life affirming gift to us all .

Her courage , her humour  and  her ability to rise above all the challenges that life has thrown across her path with such grace, is a joy to behold.'


                                                                            Mannie Manim - Director & CEO Baxter Theatre Centre

I have known Gaynor Young since she was a first-year student at the then University of Natal and have watched her grow both as a person and an actress. I have always been impressed by her enthusiasm for her craft and while this was dulled for a while through her tragic accident, the flame of her talent is back and burning as brightly as ever. Few individuals in this world are blessed with the sheer determination and guts to get back on the stage and tell their story - in not one, but two, highly successful productions. Her communication skills as an actress mean that she is a compelling speaker with the power to project her energy. She is also the living embodiment of survival.


                                                                                Caroline Smart - Editor artSMart (, director of radio drama for Lotus FM, arts columnist and theatre/dance judge

“Gaynor’s ability to touch and uplift her audience with her special brand of humour and honesty is nothing short of riveting.”  
                                                                                                                          Tessa Ziegler

Gaynor Young's mere presence lights up a room. When you listen to her speak, you find yourself once more believing in miracles and possibility and hope. Gaynor is a testimony to the beauty of the human spirit. She is totally inspiring.
                                                                                                                    Fiona Coyne – host of The Weakest Link