Welcome to the Men's Discussion and Support Group for men who identify as part of the GLBTQ community. We hold an open meeting every Thursday night at the Cleveland LGTB Center, located at 6600 Detroit Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44102. We are a member sustained group, and have met weekly since September of 1996. We provide a safe, welcoming space to explore topics relevant to us as GBTQ men, and to share our personal experiences. 
 We have a scheduled topic each week. Meetings are facilitated by a member to keep us on topic and make sure everyone who wants to talk has a chance. Many topics are suggested by participants and we encourage that. Some topics are serious, some are just for fun – from the issues of coming out, to the movies we like.


Before the discussion starts, we take a few minutes for “life-updates” and announcements. During this time, anyone can raise an issue of particular personal concern. It could develop into the topic for a future meeting. 


We are not a professionally led “therapy” group. Rather, we’ve learned that talking about our lives and sharing our experiences are good and helpful things to do. As with any group, it usually takes a few meetings to decide if we are right for you, but our longevity speaks volumes about the usefulness of getting beyond small talk. Over the years, many strong friendships have formed among our members. What’s shared in a meeting stays in the meeting. Please feel free to join us any Thursday night. We' be very glad to see you..