Although southeast Idaho is a great place to liveespecially for those who love the outdoors—it is not the most welcoming to LGBT individuals. Building a sense of belonging is a shared responsibility, especially for those of us living in smaller communities on this side of the state. We can stand united to fight discrimination, to end school bullyingand we might as well have fun in the process! This website is being developed to inform everyone of LGBT resources currently available in Southeast Idaho. It is my hope that we will continue to build a strong LGBT community to make our home an even better place to live. 

 Are you a LGBT student in Idaho, or do you want to make Idaho high schools better for future LGBT students? If you live in Idaho, are LGBT, and are between the ages of 14-24 please take this survey that compares Idaho LGBT climates in public schools to the rest of the nation.  This research is very important so please feel free to pass this survey on to qualified candidates, or post this link to appropriate websites and databases.     https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/gsaandhighschool

NOTE:  If there are other resources in South East Idaho Please let me know by email mailto:cinderfello@gmail.com

GLBT Resources in Southeast Idaho

 Clubs and Organizations: Being GLBT is south eastern Idaho can be hard at times because we feel so alone and different.  But there are clubs and organizations in South East Idaho that can help.  Click on the link above to check them out. 
 Local Dating WebsitesBeing in love is such a wonderful feeling.  It makes waking up in the morning that much better, and going to bed that much sweeter.  However, it can be hard to find other GLBT people to date in South East Idaho.  Click on the link above to see where others like you are trying to find the soul mates.
 Churches:  Being GLBT in South East Idaho does not mean we have to give up our spirituality.  No church owns a monopoly on prayer, god, faith, truth.  Spirituality is an important part of every day life for many GLBTs.  However, finding a church that embrace all of us can be difficulty at times.  Click on the link above to see churches that are GLBT friendly. 
  • Mental Health Services: There are a lot of pressures out there in South East Idaho.  Coming out, dealing with guilt from religious upbringing, dating, lost of love ones, sickness, predigests.  Having a gay friendly mental health worker is essential.  Click on the link above to find out gay friendly mental health services.
  •  Businesses  There are a lot of places to spend money, but why should we give our hard earned cash to places who are not GLBT friendly.  Click on the link above to find out what businesses we should try to support more often then others
    HIV and STD resources:Despite our best efforts to protect ourselves and the ones we love, HIV and STD can still happen.  It is very scary and can leave us with feeling of hopelessness and fear.  However, there are many organizations available even in South Eastern Idaho that are there to help us determine if we have HIV or STDs and if we do have them how to get treatment so we can stay as healthy as possible.
     Resources for GLBT Mormons (MoHo):  One unique feature of South East Idaho is the quantity of GLBT Mormons. Here is a good resource for This is list of resources for Gay Mormons.   WARNING: Not all links on this website do I support but I still feel people should know what is out there and choose for themselves.
     Blogs:   One way to get to know GLBT People in South Eastern Idaho better is through hearing about there personal struggles, stories, and thoughts.  This is all contained in blogs of GLBT People in South Eastern Idaho.  Click on the link above to get to know us better.

    Email me new Resources to add to list:  mailto:cinderfello@gmail.com

    Josh Peterson-Droogh,
    Jan 22, 2011, 10:30 AM