Eric Casaccio
Eric Casaccio is a Producer / Editor / Cinematographer / Writer & Director, born on April 5th, 1972 in Malden, MA, USA.

Eric Casaccio has been involved in several different areas of the entertainment industry.  He got his start performing in Boston Regional Theatre Productions, including Arthur Miller’s The Crucible as well as the independent feature films Temps starring Seymour Cassel and The North End starring Frank Vincent.

During his tenure as an Assistant Casting Director at Boston Casting, he recruited talent for commercials, industrials, theater productions and independent films.

In addition to studying abroad with the London Theatre Program, Eric received his Bachelors Degree from Roger Williams University graduating with honors. He has studied acting at the Michael Chekhov Connection and has appeared in several award winning short films as a member of the Screen Actors Guild.


In January of 1997, Eric moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and writing and subsequently wrote his first feature screenplay David’s Walls.  After completing several drafts, he became determined to bring his creation to life.  Shortly thereafter, he became involved in production working on features, commercials and music videos.  Combining his experiences in production and casting, he produced a five-minute experimental music video for David’s Walls offering viewers a brief symbolic vision of the story with abstract glimpses of the main characters.  David’s Walls screened in several festivals around the country, including the Northampton Film Festival and the Long Beach International Film Festival garnering positive reviews along the way.

David's Walls
While promoting David’s Walls on the festival circuit, Eric worked at Merv Griffin’s company, The Griffin Group, and later for MRC Public Relations where he worked on the Oscar campaigns for Gosford Park, Moulin Rouge and The Man Who Wasn’t There.

Eric's most important accomplishment is Psychic Glitter, an onstage charity event production responsible for raising $1978.20 for The Trevor Project honoring the memory of Lawrence King, a teenager shot and killed in school for his sexual orientation and gender expression.  Eric wrote, produced, co-directed and even played a feature length lead role while spreading awareness for an unforgettable tragedy. 

Recently, Eric briefly returned to his acting roots as Glen in the feature film Walk A Mile In My Pradas starring Nathaniel Marston (One Life to Live), Dee Wallace (E.T.), Tom Arnold (Roseanne) Mike Starr          (Goodfellas) and Bruce Vilanch (Hollywood Squares). During the production of Freak, Eric's directorial film
debut entitled The Test premiered at The Marblehead Film Festival in Massachusetts.



Eric has acted in several films, including Walk A Mile In My Pradas (Glen), Temps (Carl), The North End (Rico), Ravenous Souls, Sometimes, David's Walls (Randy's boyfriend), The Wedding Dance (2012).

He has written, directed and produced both The Test and FREAK.

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Aaron Merken (Randall/Sophia), K.C. Morgan (Dale), Katrina Straub (Olivia), Shelby Janes (Darla), Tommie Tinker, Angela McEwan.


Casaccio's latest film FREAK tells us the story of Randall (Aaron Merken), a hard working yet fragile soul, who faces his inner demons buried behind a drag queen persona while pursuing the dream of a lifetime. Randall's world is one of spiritual masks, butterflies, angels and fabulous wigs -- wigs fashioned for an elegant yet freaky-looking woman named Sophia that Randall dresses up as. As the opportunity of a lifetime knocks, interferences both real and imagined threaten to derail a major ticket to success. From a simple answering machine to an out-of-this-world human attraction, a tender soul threatens to crumble, leading to a path of self-destruction. Randall’s true spirit must face this gruesome static in his mind before it is too late.


FREAK received the following awards while screening at various film festivals throughout the USA and Canada:

WINNER: BEST LGBT FILM - Toronto Independent Film Festival
WINNER: BEST DRAMA - Burbank International Film Festival
WINNER: BEST ACTOR - Action On Film International Film Festival
RUNNER UP FOR BEST LGBT PROJECT - Action On Film International Film Festival
AWARD OF EXCELLENCE - Accolade Competition
HONORABLE MENTION - Los Angeles Movie Awards
AWARD OF MERIT - Best Short Film Awards


Eric appeared on Actors Entertainment, together with Aaron Merken to talk about FREAK. For more interviews click HERE.


Some of the reviews FREAK received:
- "The director is nothing but skillful as he draws a fully formed character struggling with insecurities that are both uniquely personal and still universal" (Scott Larson - Scott's Movie Reviews)

- "Aaron Merken gives a powerhouse performance that could have been laughably camp, but instead, is an anguished look inside a desperate soul" (John Townsend - Lavender)

- "Casaccio cleverly uses object motifs and repetition to tell a story. Aaron Merken gives an all-too-human performance" (Nick Feather - That Gay Movie)


"Freak" has been selected for CineSLAM - Vermont's LGBTQ Short Film Festival.  Venue takes place June 30th - July 1st, 2012.


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FREAK: Vimeo,FreakTheFilm, Facebook