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GayComChat is designed from the ground-up to be portable across any operating system within the same code base. The reason for this is because the application is built solely on the Qt library (see for more details).

Here is a highlight of some of the technical features:

  • Built on the Qt library (originally written around version 3.x, but later ported to 4.x and recently ported to 4.2.x).
  • Portable across any operating system still in service today, including ones out of service such as Windows 9x/ME/2k.
  • Fast, light-weight, and small memory foot print.
  • Central code base which reuses code. No duplication of code has been done in this application.
  • Proper use of pointers, stacks, and heaps to furthermore produce a speedy and robust application intended for any audience.
  • Non-blocking in all operations.
  • Open-source and accepting patches/changes from other outside coders.
  • Uniform operations across all platforms (due to Qt library).
  • Look of application is based on the operating system's theme/style/widget settings (again due to Qt).
  • Build environment's files, settings, and makefiles are generated from Qt and thus can remain operating system independent in the code repository providing developers the means to compile the program on any operating system at their choosing.