GayComChat - A Chat Client for Gay.com

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While not a comprehensive list, below are most features that are available in the most current version of GayComChat: 

  • Basic login/logout functions.
  • Ability to edit your "bio line".
  • NEW: logging support for private messages.
  • NEW: Detailed user information screen that allows you to store personal information regarding another user.
  • NEW: SpamCheck - protects against bots (ala BotShield).
  • Chat rooms displayed in a tree-like fashion as how the official Gay.com client shows chat rooms.
  • Ability to join chat rooms and send messages (including emotes using /me).
  • Ability to private message users (including emotes using /me).
  • Ability to view other users' biolines.
  • Full photo viewing support including scaling according to window size.
  • Cached images for fasting loading.
  • System tray icon and contextual popup menu when right-clicked.
  • Ability to view all users in a room without joining the room.
  • Full ignore capability that uses Gay.com's ignore list (so all of your previously ignored members will remain ignored).
  • "View Full Profile" button that links you directly to Gay.com and the full version of their profile in your web browser.
  • Cross-platform support (Mac OSX, Windows 9x/ME/2k/XP/2003/Vista, and all forms of Unix - including Linux).
  • Fast, low memory usage, and small install size.
  • FREE.
  • Open source and available under the GNU Public License (GPL).