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Welcome to the website of the fairly new GayComChat! Chances are you've probably never heard of it, so let me give you a brief description. A more detailed description of what it can and can't do are available in the Features section.

GayComChat was created initially in 2004 entirely by myself because I was dissatisfied with the poor Java client for Gay.com and ChatClient really didn't sit well with me. Recently there have been a few other alternatives to the Java version of the Gay.com client, one namely Chattage that I personally used for quite a long time. My only beef with Chattage is that it is extremely memory consuming, slow, and can bog down my extremely high-end computer. Thus I continued to develop GayComChat.

Technical details of GayComChat are available on the Technical Specifications page.

I hope you get satisfaction from the program, however, please do understand that this is created on my spare time, willingly, and is not done to produce any sort of revenue. Because of this I place no priority on fixing problems or adding new features - my life comes first.

If you would like to help the project and help me help other users, then please consider making a donation. The donation funds will be used to purchase a Gay.com premium membership so I can add new premium-only features! Click here to donate!