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from leading dailies of India 


This young vocalist’s singing is very melodious and adheres to sruthi: selection of songs reflects a very mature mind: her telugu and sanskrit pronunciations are perfect-a rare quality among the youngsters- Indian Express

Recital of Gayathri Satyanarayanan was very satisfying: Sankarabharanam alapana was done well and the song “mahalakshmi” was  enjoyable: neraval was done in a lively manner –The Hindu

With a powerful voice which reminds one of N.C.Vasantakokilam, Gayathri's concert was a treat to listeners' ears - Dinamani

Gayathri Satya proved her potential by singing with clarity and confidence: madhyamavathi alapana had meaningful phrases- The Hindu

Gayathri has a brigha-laden voice: her raga alapana and swara kalpana are worthy of mention as is the balance she struck between the manodharma and kalpita aspects: Gayathri sang a pleasingly elobarate alapanai for the main raga of the evening – The Hindu