Places to see in NY..

 There are lotsa places to see in New york. I think you need atleast a week to go around the city. Some places might not be in the books of sighseeting attractions, but they would be worth the visit. Let me tell you the most important places you must visit in New york.

EMPIRE STATE , now the tallest building in New york is a big tourist spot in the city. It's 86 floor structure stands out and has a great panoramic view of the city from the observatory on top. Every night you can see the flood lights illuminated with different colors. They have a traditional way of lighting according to occasions and seasons. They even light according to the sports team in NY.  It is so wonderful to see the flood lights every night and looks so new everytime. But we dont get a 360 degree of the city from the Empire. It is again enclosed with glass, and difficult to take good photographs. Usually crowded also,  but open till midnight.

STATUE OF LIBERTY  was a gift from the French government and stands proudly in the Liberty Island. The copper statue with the gold leaf torch stands on a stonework pedestal and is one of the most famous and recognizable icons of the US.  Well you gotta plan before you want to go as you got to get a 'Time Pass' ticket to enter the monument. Only limited tickets are online everyday and so you gotta go in the morning and get them or else book it online before itself.  If you dont get the tickets for that , you can go in the ferry and come back in the same ferry. 'Circle Line' is one ferry which offers trip to the statue and to Ellis Island. So this goes and stops near the Statue but you cannot enter the statue. You can as well take the free ferry 'Staten Island ferry' which again goes near the Statue but stops in staten island. This is a good option if you dont get tickets for the monument. There would be lot of security checking, so better not to take big bags and other sharp items.

 ROCKEFELLER CENTER has better view than the Empire coz you actually get to see the colorful Empire state from here only. You get the best view of the Empire state, Chrysler building, Central park and  a 360 degree view from the topmost 70th floor which is totally open air. The 67th floor is completely covered and the deck on the 69th floor has glass windshields . Its called the ' Top of the Rock - Observation Deck'. Its maintained very well and the volunteers there are very polite. The skating area is really beautiful during the winter in front of the Prometheus Statue and becomes a cafe area during the summer. One should never miss this place in NY.

CENTRAL PARK  one of the most famous and relaxing spot in New york stretches from 59th st S to 110th st N and from 5th Ave E to 8th Ave. W. Now let me tell one thing can never walk the whole of central park in one day. You cannot even walk one-third of it in a day. It is so so big and there is so much to see there. Put on your walking shoes and lets have a tour of what to see in the Park. You have the Central Park Zoo and Wildlife Center and Children's Zoo. It has two restaurants - Tavern on the Green & Boathouse Restaurant on the Lake. There is a big outdoor performance venue at the Delacorte Theatre, 2 skating rinks , a public swimming pool and many information centers. There is an old monument , The Obelisk. You can always see bird watchers there as it is an oasis for migrating birds. The park also has its joggers, bicyclists and inline skaters having fun with their ipods on. You can also see people playing Baseball, football and various other games always as it has all grounds that can possibly be in the world. Beautiful carriages are also seen in the park. You can also see sculptures here and there like Christopher Columbus, Augustus , John Quincy.  There is a big lake in the park and offers various activities lilke boating. There is a sheep meadow which is a resting spot in the summer.All together it is a place to play frisbee or join a pickup soccer game, hit a museum or just take a nap. I really like going to Central park but beware it's a lot of walking unless you r gonna rollarblade or bike through which a lot of people do. Park is truly an escape from business and while you jog or ride your bike along the streets from the west end to the east end, you feel relaxed in knowing that there is calm amidst the Big Apple. A person should go to the Park every season of the year coz you get to see the trees in green, then the changing colors of yellow, then no  leaves ...Its just amazing in the winter also with snow all over. 

BROOKLYN BRIDGE one of the oldest bridges in New York connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and has a big part in the New York Skyline. It has a wide pedestrian walkway for both walkers and cyclists. You will see the cars going almost in two levels if you see down. And while walking in the middle of the bridge, you better not look down as what you see is just water. Scary huh !!!! Don't worry, I guess the bridge is tied just a small walk and a beautiful and scenic walk especially when the sun sets and what you see is all lights everywhere. Are you hungry???...Then run to Grimaldi's pizza after your tiresome walk just minutes away after you have crossed the bridge.

TIMES SQUARE one of the most visited places in New York by tourist is colorful and noisy and fun. You should go there during the nights to see the digital ads and big screen TV's and what not.  The lights, the action, the people, the stores, the scene happening, its just fun and fast at its best. You have the Wax museum, Broadway Theatres, live broadcast tv's, Name-brand stores like Virgin Records, Toys R Us, Mtv, Hershey's stores. You can also see large firms like NASDAQ,   YAHOO.. You have a great choice of restaurants, Starbucks and Jamba Juice. Even at 1 am you can see the place buzzing with people and cameras clicking. Some poeple even come to take their wedding snaps there. During the New Year's eve you can see thousands of people flocking there to see the Ball drop at 12 . 

WALL STREET is a city street in Manhattan which homes the New York Stock Exchange.  Many NY based financial firms are present there.  You have the Federal Hall where Washington was declared the first President . The Trinity church opens the Wall street with a great view of the church.

BATTERY PARK is a public park in Manhattan and the city has expensive houses. The Sphere which stood at WTC is kept along with an Eternal Flame to memorialize the victims of 9/11.

GRAND CENTRAL TERMINAL is a terminal rail station which has beautiful architectural importance. It has restaurants, fast food outlets, bakeries and many retail stores. The interior of Grand Central is also an amazing sight and will transport you to another time. Painted like an evening sky with gilded stars and constellations, it allows New Yorkers something they never get to see - a nighttime sky above the Big Apple .

BRONX ZOO is a world famous zoo within the Bronx Park in Bronx. The attractions there are Asian pavillion , The Congo, African, Children's zoo,Butterfly garden, ... You can also go in the monorail , skytram if you cant walk for long. If you go to Bronx Zoo in summer, all of the exhibits and attractions are open but the crowds can be excessive. If you go in winter, many attractions are closed (no elephants to see) and it can get very cold, but it is quiet and easy to warm up in the indoor exhibits. The cafe, carousel and shop are open year round. Bronx Zoo may not make the list for most first-time visitors to the city, but it may be the most memorable and surprising way to spend a day in New York with kids.