Eat out in New york...


Good food...but inexpensive !!!!!!.... I cant guarantee that you get this everywhere.

But having been to a few restaurants in New York I can suggest a few ones. Let me tell you one thing but, Indian food is any day expensive compared to the other food in the city.

Being a strict vegetarian does not leave us to many options. But there are a handful of Indian restaurants in the city. You can call the  26th - 30th street (Lexington Av.) as "LITTLE INDIA" coz there are many hotels in that area.

The same old SARAVANAAS is there. You can get your choice of south indian dishes and thaalis. But let me tell you one thing, you gotta wait and wait....everytime you go there.. Its always crowded....Its just for the name that everybody wants to go  there atleast once in their visit to NY. The service is pretty ok...but sometimes not very prompt...again because they have so many customers to see...

There is another good one called CHENNAI GARDEN. They also serve good south indian food. Usually when Saravanaa's is full or closed for lunch, we come here. If its crowded, its a little bit noisy, otherwise its a good restaurant.

If you happen to walk in Prince Street you should go to HAMPTON CHUTNEY. You get the best dosas there with spicy cilantro chutney. Here again its usually crowded. Tough to get a place to sit and eat...People sit there for hours with their laptops or chit chatting...

Then going for a little higher budget, if you have been starving for the whole day, you can go to VATAN on the 3rd avenue. Its really a very different set up of a old-style house  with a well ...You can see they would be wearing the colorful gujarati costume. The service is good and clean. Usually they expect you to make a reservation for dinner. They serve gujarati  dishes starting from appetizers to desserts. Its 'For all you can eat' for $24 .  I dont think you would even think of eating again for another couple of days, cuz you would be so so full.

You dont have any work for the day, have time to wait to eat a wrap, you should go to  KATI ROLL . You get Paneer roll, Aloo masala roll.....

Now something very healthy like a paruppu vadai...!!!!....Have you ever had that?? You should go to MAOZ in Union Square for that. They serve fresh felafel balls with a beautifully laid out salad bar and juices. They have a great choice of lettuce, carrots, seasoned broccoli, varieties of cabbage and pickles. The selection of sauces is also amazing including yogurt, tahini, garlic. They give you options of eggplant, hummus and  belgian french fries. A must go ...i would say !!!!

Just going a few steps away is ZEN PALATE which serves Asian-based vegetarian food.

Do u want to try  pizza for a change ??... Yes, the best pizzas are available in new york .  JOHN'S PIZZERIA in Bleecker street, Theatre district serves yummy pizzas. Its a very famous spot for celebrities and you can see their photos and signatures all over the place. They have cozy wooden booths and old tables in bleecker street. In Times square it was a little different atmosphere....little modern and very big...but the staff weren't very friendly.

 LOMBARDI'S  in Spring street, again a very well known pizza point in NY is always crowded. But worth the waiting time, you get big tasty pizzas with variety of toppings. They have a bar also....So you can spend your waiting time there!!!!!! 

GRIMALDI'S, the charming little pizzeria is jus under the Brooklyn Bridge. Its famous for its delicious pizzas and the old jukebox. This has been consistently winning "Best of ..." awards.Well I needn't tell about the queue waiting outside this famous little joint everytime. There is also this famous ice cream shop very nearby and the view of  the bridge and Manhattan is wonderful. They also have one in Hoboken.

One more thing about these pizzeria's usually is that they accept only cash. Well u time to process ur card ....wait for u to sign....!!!!!!...People are waiting to catch ur place....Hahaha!!!!!!