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New York !! New York !!!.............................

The most crowded and beautiful place to see in the world. This city is just buzzing night.....trains on and on...people walking ... people in the cars...the yellow cabs....There is nothing missing in this city that never sleeps.

Now for a person who is new to this NY city, I shall give small tips about where they can eat, how they should go , where all they can visit.

Vacation in New york is very expensive. The hotels here are never in our budget if we want to stay in the downtown. So better to stay with friends or relatives. You can also check with PRICELINE which offers almost 50% off on 3-4 star hotels.

Then coming to the transportation in NY. Never, never, never take these cars or cabs. You can never reach on time to the destination. You may as well walk and have the feel of NY streets. Its amazing to see the tall tall buildings and the architectural work in the houses. You should never miss those road side shops. They have cool stuff with them and you can get them if you are a good bargainer. Especially those hand bags which are sold at low prices than the original ones, they would be a good deal if they are in good condition. The other alternative is the subway and the ferry . The subway system in the city is one of the greatest boon to NY. It is so well connected that even the tourist find it easier to go by trains. You have assistance and the police is always on the watch. You have directions and maps everywhere, and so you are never lost in new york. The metro tickets are also not very expensive and can be got as unlimited or day passes.

Where all can I go in NY in just 3 days of my vacation ???? You are thinking and thinking....Right !!!! .... I can help you out in this...

Places to see in NY.. 

Places to eat in NY..

Surrounding places



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