the gax trans scania

the only way to define your limits is to go beyond them

In 490 BC the whole-day-runner Feidippides ran 1140 stages from sunrise to sunset the next day. In 1853 William Gale did 2000 miles in 2000 hours to surpass Captain Barclays bet and in 1888 George Littlewood ran 1004 km in six days.
In 1928  C.C. Pyle organized the International Trans-Continental Foot Race. 55 runners reached the finish line after 5508 km. 55 years on 
the Westfield Run started and annually The Self-Transcendence 3100 miles in New York is run. Long distances has a longer history than the marathon.

2500 years later John Foden proved that it was possible to run 246 km in 36 hours, what the story fails to mention is that Feidippides ran back again.

determination and impossibility are never to be found together