the gax 100 miles

you are tougher than you think you are

In 1955 a few horsemen agreed that it was better, when a horse could run 100 miles in one day. Wendell Robie suggested a replication of the feat, and The Western States Trail Ride was born. In 1974 Gordon Ainsleigh lined up himself and finished in 23:42h. The Western States Endurance Run has been run every year since.

100 mile-races are often held on challenging trails in spectacular nature - this race is no exception. For the very first time, in 2006, there was a race being held in the Nordic countries.

The gax 100 miles starts in Ystad at Österlen - the plains in south east Scania, which may be the most beautiful part of Sweden. It is rich in ancient monuments and scenery such as Ales Stenar and the Stenshuvud Nature Reserve - both are included in the gax 100 miles as well as a tough and very challenging trail.

if not now, then when?